Fueled By Hate

There is plenty of hate fueled in the social media sphere.

UNITED STATES—Hate, hate, hate, it is indeed a strong word. A new study, it seems there is one of these each week has revealed the effects of social media on people’s lives. The latest study has revealed that those using social media to emit words of hate are likely to have a shorter life span.

Well, that kinda makes sense? You’re evoking plenty of negative energy out into the world. In return, it would only make sense that this individual is likely someone who has a stressful life or just feels the desire to live in a negative state of mind.

This could be my primary reason for staying as far away from social media as possible. This is not to mean that I don’t indulge in social media when needed. Why? Its apart of my job, so it’s important for me to be aware of how to utilize Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

If you venture to any of these sites on a daily basis you will sees tons and I mean tons of messages or posts that are just fueled with nasty comments or thoughts. Some people are not afraid to post a picture with their comment, but I’d say a good 85 percent of participants like to maintain a sense of anonymity.

If you’re not willing to take the heat for the immaturity that you emote on social media don’t write the comment. Perhaps, social media sites should implement a policy that people have to post their phone number, mailing address and email address when comments that shouldn’t be displayed are displayed.

I think that would definitely get people to think twice before writing. The problem is so many people are forced to see these comments, even if they prefer not to indulge in them. You can get close to 100 positive comments, but there is likely 1 out 100 that has something mean-spirited, and your attention will be locked on that no matter how much you attempt not to.

I’ve come to notice more media outlets have a comments section where people just let their thoughts be unleashed, no filter whatsoever. It’s a bit scary in my opinion, you never know what someone is going to say and because of that it creates a bit of apprehension when you view that comment.

Will people like what I wrote, will they be over-the-top nasty, can I deal with the critique. Trust me I understand the feeling as we have a comments section on our website. I feel we live in a world where the idea of freedom of speech is so epic that we have no level of censorship. Do I think we need censorship in America? No, but I do believe people need to think more about the positive and not so much on the negative.

We already have so much negativity in our lives, why add more if we don’t have to? Does it make you feel good to see someone miserable? If so you’re a sick individual, and you need to take another look in the mirror and really ask yourself the question, “Who am I? What kind of pleasure do I get from being mean-spirited?”