“Furious 7” Wins Box-Office Again


HOLLYWOOD—It’s going to take more than a love story to dethrone “Furious 7” from the top of the charts. The adrenaline thrill fest, maintained its grip on the box-office bringing in $60.6 million in its second week. After two weeks, the movie has already grossed more than $250 million at the domestic box-office. The seventh installment in the franchise is already close to hitting the $1 billion mark in global box-office receipts.

Proving that animation is a big draw for moviegoers is “Home” which amassed another $19 million to its tally. After three weeks in theaters, the movie has already crossed the $100 million mar at the domestic box-office. Love did ignite at theaters this weekend as “The Longest Ride” took in around $13 million in its first week.

The movie which stars Scott Eastwood and Britt Robertson performed as many expected, but a far cry from previous Nicholas Sparks adaptations like “Dear John” and “The Notebook.” This weekend sees the return of Kevin James in “Paul Blart 2.” Will “Furious 7” maintain its grip on moviegoers, it will, but it’ll be a close one.