“General Hospital” Celebrates 50 Years


HOLLYWOOD—Soap fans have been eagerly awaiting the month of April as ABC soap “General Hospital” celebrates a milestone: 50 years.  What better way to kick-off the celebration than with the return of the Nurses Ball.  It is indeed a ball to remember with the return of familiar faces and shocking secrets coming to the surface.

The soap kicked off the big celebration with a sleuth of familiar faces returning to the canvas this week including Alan (Stuart Damon) and Emily Quartermaine (Natalie Livingston) paying Monica (Leslie Charleston) and Tracy (Jane Elliott) a visit from beyond the grave, in hopes of them burying the hatchet. It was indeed a hilarious moment for the kooky clan which has been known to engage in business warfare within the family. Tracycontinued her manipulation of AJ (Sean Kanan) to get her hands on Lila’s pickle recipe.

Audiences were treated to the return of everyone’s favorite villain Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers) who continued her torment of Luke (Anthony Geary) and Laura (Genie Francis) as they searched for their missing daughter Lulu.  The tables were turned when it was revealed that Helena had been holding Ethan (Nathan Parsons), Luke’s other son with Holly captive.  So if Helena doesn’t have Lulu than who does?  There is much more to this web of mystery than what the audience has been told so far.  I have a feeling that Cesar Faison may play a role.

In the love department, Sonny (Maurice Benard) continued his longing for Kate/Connie (Kelly Sullivan) who is currently away from the canvas.  His former flame Carly (Laura Wright) discussed with her mother Bobbie (Jaclyn Zeman) her troubled love life involving Todd (Roger Howarth) and Jax (Ingo Rademacher). Much to both Sonny and Carly’s surprise the received visits from Brenda (Vanessa Marcil) and Jax.

Sonny was literally knocked of his feet by his one true love’s resurgence.  So was Carly who begged Jax to give them another chance, but a bomb was dropped on both Sonny and Carly: Jax and Brenda are engaged! Cue the fireworks as you know sparks and fists are about to start flying. There are still a few unresolved issues involving Maxie (Kristen Storms), Lulu and Dante (Dominic Zamprogna).  Maxie has been keeping a whopper of a secret: the baby she is carrying is not Dante and Lulu’s; it’s her baby with Spinelli (Bradford Anderson).

There’s just one problem: no one knows except her father Frisco (Jack Wagner) and Dr. Britt.  Speaking of Dr. Britt audiences were treated to a stunner when it was revealed that Britt’s mother is none other than the nurse who was holding Robin (Kimberly McCullough) captive.  Does this mean Britt knows that Robin is alive?  I doubt it, but just imagine the depths that she will go to keep that secret hidden if she finds out.  Her mom has already decided the Nurses Ball will be a great place to wreck some havoc, any guesses as to what she has planned.

Lucy (Lynn Herring), Sabrina and Felix continue to put the finishing touches on the Nurses Ball which has been a whirlwind to say the least.  Just as Sabrina revealed her feelings to Patrick (Jason Thompson) he shot down her advances, which led Sabrina to turn her attention toMilo, Sonny’s bodyguard.  Looks like a new love triangle is brewing.

While the Nurses Ball is sure to be an event to remember with so many familiar faces returning to Port Charles, it’s just the beginning as the soap is headed into May sweeps and that means spoilers!  Audiences should expect some shocking revelations and perhaps even more old faces return to their original stomping grounds.  What will transpire is still not known, so you’ll have to watch to see what happens.  “General Hospital” airs weekdays at 2 p.m. on ABC.

By LaDale Anderson