“General Hospital” Delivers Big Surprises


HOLLYWOOD—Just when you think “General Hospital” is unable to surprise the audience, it does it in a way that one can’t expect.  Last week delivered another bombshell to audiences with both baddies Madeline (Donna Mills) and Liesl Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) behind bars. The city of Port Charles could rest easy or could they? Nope. The ladies actually know each other: they’re sisters! Yes, what a twist to say the least.  This explains quite a bit in terms of their evil ways, but that wasn’t the only secret the two ladies shared.

Nathan, is not Madeline’s son, he is Obrecht’s son!  Yes, the wicked doctor gave up her son to her sister to allow her to raise him as her own.  Yep, that makes Nathan and Britt brother and sister. In a shocking departure, it looked like the newly acquainted ‘friends’ were close to sleeping together, but thankfully, Maxie (Kristen Storms) interrupted the duo’s potential love making.  Nathan learned from mommie dearest that Britt is his sister, so I wonder how Port Charles’ newest detective will break the news to his new friend/sister.  Let’s just say it together: AWKWARD!

Speaking of Maxie, the fashionista has been M.I.A. for quite some time, but to see her return to her staple grounds can mean only one thing: trouble. She didn’t return home alone though, her new surfer/positive energy guru gave advice on her kicking Nathan to the curb. Is that a good idea with his current predicament? I’d say no, remember Obrecht is insistent on telling Nathan that she is his mother that can send the defeated cop who just learned his sister Nina is dead. Not buying that story for one bit, I’m convinced Obrecht and Madeline are secretly keeping Nina hidden while she heals. It’s just a matter of time before she joins the canvas.

Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) and Lulu (Emme Rylan) were finally in a happy place thanks to getting their baby boy back. Just when the audience thought the happy ending came for the tortured couple, Obrecht had leverage she planned to use. Wait, what? Yes, she told Dante she still has a second embryo of theirs. Wow, this lady has to be the greatest villain of day time soaps since Stephano Dimera from “Days of our Lives.”

She was willing to reveal the location, but only if the couple insisted on providing her immunity, but also her daughter. It’s unfortunate that Nathan is related to these blood cougars, he’s the only one with a sense of morality. I’m hoping Dante and Lulu don’t fall for Obrecht latest scheme, but I have every reason to realize the wicked doctor will escape with not only stealing a baby, but for shooting Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) also.

Obrecht isn’t the only person creating trouble in Port Charles, as it appears Sonny (Maurice Benard) is onto the fact that Luke (Anthony Geary) is up to no good. The lifelong friends made coy threats to one another; it’s a question of who will strike first. Sonny could make a move first, if he believes the knowledge that his nephew Spencer has delivered to Nikolas.

Spencer knows Luke met with a mystery man during the engagement party, unfortunately he can’t reveal the identity of that person who happens to be Julian Jerome (William DeVry). Something big is up with Luke, who hasn’t been the same after being committed. Does Heather Webber know some inside information that she has yet to divulge to those who despise her most? It seems the residents of Port Charles have more secrets than what we know. Tune into “General Hospital” weekdays at 2 p.m. on ABC.

By LaDale Anderson