“General Hospital” Ramps Up November Sweeps

Roger Howarth portrays sociopath Franco on "General Hospital."

HOLLYWOOD—Its November and you know what that means: SWEEPS. Yep, those juicy storylines that have been slowly peeling away its layers are about to burst with explosive results. “General Hospital” is indeed traveling down a dark path.  For weeks, audiences have known that Franco had sinister plans in store for his bride to be Carly.

Little did she know he was already onto her affair with the one guy who causes more damage than she can imagine in Sonny Corinthos. While Franco caused Michael to go into a full-blown fit after learning his so called ‘dad’ murdered his biological father AJ, all hell broke loose at the wedding.

It was some great acting from Roger Howarth, Laura Wright and Chad Duell to say the least. I can only imagine the fallout as Michael decides to confront his dear ole pop face-to-face. As if Carly’s life couldn’t get any worse, she found herself in the clutches of Heather, who was certain to inflict pain to the woman who ‘took’ her son from her. Heather might be delusional, but she sure loves her kids to death, and I mean to death.

On the other side of town Sonny was pouring his heart out to his youngest son Morgan, who had no idea that his father was dealing with the truth that Ava was responsible for killing Connie. Yep, Morgan’s love toy did the deed and manipulated dear ole dad into falling for it. But Ava is getting a bit of a reality check as crazy Nina took her plan to steal that baby inside to a fever pitch? Yeah, we’ve seen crazy on soaps in the past, but nothing to this degree, its apparent Nina will get what she wants unless Silas and Madeline stop Nina before its too late.

Ava gave birth against all odds as Nina forced her enemy to not give up, but if you thought Ava would give up her newborn daughter without a fight think again. Madeline arrived on the scene to help her daughter plan her escape, but Ava dropped a bomb on the unhinged Nina by revealing that it was her mother who hired her to seduce Silas! Whoa, that’s a game-changer.

The kooky Heather Webber threatened the lives of both Jordan and Sean, after she fired a bullet into Milo, and planned a reunion with her son. Little did Franco know he may have set the scene for a murder mystery sure to unfold in the coming weeks, let’s say in time for February sweeps?  Dante begin to notice something a bit off about Michael; could we see a reversal of what transpired between Sonny and Dante a few years back, cause it sure looks like Michael is out for blood considering he took Max’s gun and concealed it from his brother the cop.

Let’s just say Franco’s latest ruse will have an impact on many more lives than he ever expected. If heavy drama is too much for you, you’d be happy to discover the bond between Elizabeth and Jake aka Jason is growing. Just as Sam starts to make some inroads with Silas as Danny suffers a health scare.  With Sam surely focusing all her attention on Patrick of late, it’s just a matter of time before he confesses the truth about Jason.  How will Sam respond to that news, you can bet she is likely to start digging for the truth?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “General Hospital” sure knows how to keep the viewer engaged to explosive storylines, especially during November sweeps, when things reach their peak. “GH” airs weekdays at 2 p.m. in most markets, 3 p.m. in Los Angeles.

By Donald Thompson