HOLLYWOOD—I had no idea until about a week ago that “General Hospital” fave Genie Francis would be returning to the soap as Laura Spencer. Well this week, the actress made her return in grand fashion reuniting with two of her children, who couldn’t need her more during their troubling times.

In one corner, there is Lulu who had always been neglected to some degree by her mother. At a time where her marriage seems like it’s on the rocks, mommie dearest might have the perfect solution to all of her daughter’s problems.

In the other corner, she has her son Nikolas, who never felt his mother, truly wanted him considering what his father had done to his mother. The prince has really crossed over to the dark side, and if there is anyone who can talk some sense into her son, it would be his mother who always saw the purity in him that so many others refused to see.

The chaos in her kid’s lives doesn’t compare to Laura having to deal with former flame Luke Spencer. Its hard to fashion that Luke and Laura are no more; I mean these two were destined to be together forever, well, at least most fans thought that.

Just when Luke is ready to pop the question to Tracy Quartermaine, he gets a visit from the woman who has always had a tight grip on his heart. Tracy knows it’s impossible for her to compete with Laura, but considering her son Dillon has returned to town to prevent the impending nuptials, he brings plenty of firepower. Lulu was once pregnant by Dillon and his return will indeed test her marriage.

Could our youngest Spencer still have a torch for her first love? Its evident the writers are heading in a direction where Dante may hook-up with Valerie and Lulu with Dillon. So Port Charles’ super couple could be headed for a divorce. The soap has been delivering quite a few surprises for the first week of June. For starters, Anna Devane hooked up with Commissioner Sloane. Yep, the duo who had sparks from the first moments they met on screen, gave into temptation, but Anna gripped with fear and regret pushed Sloan away.

At first it looked like this guy was a villain in disguise, but he spilled the beans to his former boss about the corrupt mayor of Port Charles and how Nikolas Cassadine played a role in the shenanigans. Nikolas is indeed setting the stage for an epic downward spiral. When the truth about Jason and what he’s been attempting to do to ELQ come to light, he might go down in flames.  I’m still trying to put my finger on why Mayor Lomax wanted Jordan Ashford to take the position as Chief of Police. Something about that seems a bit to convenient to say the least.

With all this chaos taking place, the audience learned that Ric Lansing only married Nina Clay at the bidding of her wicked mother Madeleine. I mean that woman is wicked to the core? What wouldn’t she do to get her hands on her daughter’s money? I have a feeling that Nina is well aware of what Ric is up to, but we know Nina has another secret harboring over her. The big question is just what is it?

Wrapping up what is sure to be a great week is the return of Maura West as Denise DeMuccio. Yeah, the accent alone is quite hilarious. What appears even more bonkers is that the citizens of Port Charles are complete morons. Who actually bought that tale of Denise and Ava being nearly identical twins, without being identical twins? Only in the soap world can such craziness actually be accomplished.

Summer looks to be an interesting one in Port Charles. “General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.