SAN FRANCISCO—San Francisco’s World Series Champions, the SF Giants, have proposed a new, affordable housing development in place of their parking lot.

The waterfront Parking Lot A is envisioned to become a low-rise development community that could house 1,500 residences (a third to be considered affordable), an eight-acre park, a new brew site for Anchor Steam, and other commercial amenities. The new neighborhood will be called Mission Rock, focusing largely on locality and fair costs of living.
Currently, the parking lot can accommodate 2,000 cars and sits on 28 acres in the Mission Bay neighborhood of San Francisco. The absence of the parking lot will not prevent patrons from going to see the Giants games, but will encourage the use of public transportation. The reconstruction of this space is estimated to create 11,000 jobs.
Team CEO and President Larry Baer is hopeful for Mission Rock to transform this isolated area into a functional community.
The project needs 97,000 signatures to find it’s way to the ballot for San Francisco voters this November.