Golden Gate Ferry Crashes Into Dock


SAN FRANCISCO—On Friday, November 23, at about 2:30 p.m., the Golden Gate Ferry crashed into the dock  of the Ferry Building which is located in the Embarcadero District. There were 53 passengers on board at the time of the incident. Two people suffered minor injuries during the collision, including a concession stand worker who sustained a bruised hip. A passenger complained of a sore back because of the crash.

Customers were dining in restaurants along the Ferry Building Marketplace when they noticed a ferry going full speed into the harbor.  Upon crashing, the ferry shook the Slanted Door restaurant. Customers at the establishment noted seeing the boat approaching at a high speed and fled the premises for safety.  

The crash did not result in severe damage or cause any delays, cracking the concrete and knocking over the railing.  The ferry boat will have to be towed and taken to Larkspur , as there are holes in the metal hull of the boat.  

Five crew members of the ferry will undergo drug and alcohol testing as it is standard procedure after an incident. Customers at the Ferry Building Marketplace took video of the incident as it transpired.