SAN FRANCISCO—San Francisco Mayor London Breed is working to stop drug trafficking and focusing on areas in the Mid-Market corridor to make it safer and more of a drug-free zone. According to the Mayor’s website, San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott is in the process of adding 10 new officers, including a second lieutenant and two sergeants will be assigned to the San Francisco Police Department Tenderloin Station.

This will increase the number of foot beat officers in the Tenderloin/Mid-Market area by close to 50 percent, for a total of 43 personnel assigned to foot patrols in the area once staffing is complete in the next two weeks.

“Community policing and service outreach are key to making our streets safer and cleaner for all of our residents and visitors,” said Mayor Breed. “Not only can these officers focus on deterring criminal behavior, but they can strengthen ties and build trust with community members to ensure that we are all working together to make our streets safe for all.”

“The presence of our foot beat officers sends a strong signal that we prioritize community safety and engagement with the public,” said Chief Scott. “Residents, workers and merchants have let us know that our foot beats and mobile command center on UN Plaza have made the area safer and more family friendly. By stepping up our foot beat presence, we can continue to work with community members to ensure our public spaces are clean, safe and more welcoming for everyone.”

These areas include a mix of dense housing and commercial buildings, and are frequented by residents, workers, and tourists. The Powell Street Station has an average of 40,000 people exiting BART and Muni daily, and the Civic Center Station has an average of more than 33,000 people exiting daily during the week. The area is also heavily served by surface bus lines and the F Market line.

Many homeless people and drug users reside within the Mid-Market area of San Francisco. SFPD Chief Bill Scott stated that the officers that are being transferred will be working alongside the health and homeless departments to provide relief to the drug users and homeless people.  

Mayor London Breed is working to create a Healthy Streets intervention program which will provide aid to those who struggle from addiction. 

“We are grateful for Mayor Breed’s leadership and responsiveness in addressing public safety and health concerns in the Mid-Market neighborhood where A.C.T.’s The Strand Theater is located,” said Jennifer Bielstein, Executive Director of American Conservatory Theater. “This comprehensive approach will help support us as well as other neighborhood small businesses and residents, and provide critical services to those who need them most.”

Written By Ophelia Luchin and Donald Roberts