HELLO AMERICA!—We have received numerous calls from our friends and associates in the motion picture industry with stories they are anxious to create for the screen concerning the Obama years.  Plots and other horror actions to destroy this man of color will be revealed which were quite secret during his time in the White House.

Intelligent leaks are running hot and heavy and the general press, not only in this country, but through certain Russian outlets. It is being hinted that Putin has plans to control the obvious new naive U.S. president’s every significant global political move. Young producer Michael Plaster is having serious meetings with his agents concerning a rather intense, ultra-dramatic scenario that promises to be extremely disturbing.

“There was one situation which took place at the White House,” Plaster revealed. “That was told [to] us with the understanding it wouldn’t be released in any public way until Obama left office. It concerns his entire family and how he and those protecting him handled the situation makes one genuinely understand why this man is so honored and respected as a leader and human being.”

Plaster noted that the story will highlight some of the most recognized names in the current historical game which is stuffed with shocking influences from to bring him down, no matter what it might take.

“He realized from a distance, one could see the colors of the Confederate flag ready to take to the sky. And men like Mitch McConnell and Ted Cruz couldn’t wait to see him fall. The film will reveal several most heinous tricks pulled to dispel Obama’s hopes and dreams to bring the country truly together as one voice representing our democracy.”

When speaking with other media production companies they too, have in the works some very exciting stories depicting Obama’s challenge to affect a positive change for the better, noting that it is the working-class people who are the ones who represent the power the world envies. When the Americans stand up and demand changes to improve their lives, the world then understands that if we can do this, then why can’t they as well? Our story is one of positive dreams, hopes, freedom and human respect. When this is truly realized then the only flag necessary for us to wave is the RED, WHITE and BLUE!