UNITED STATES—I have a problem with the government.  It seems everyday that our nations politicians are doing everything in their power to control what other people are doing on a daily basis.  You were not elected into office to decide necessary “what you think is best for those you represent” you were elected into office to “do what we think is best for us.”

Why do so many politicians fail to acknowledge this important factoid. My latest ruse is thanks to the Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New  York City who attempted to pass legislation banning soda drinks.  Research has shown that consumption of soda drinks can lead to type II diabetes.   I’ll admit it I have a glass of soda maybe once a day, but I’ve also gone weeks, even months without a soda at all.  We know it’s not healthy with all of the sugars and artificial sugars that are implemented into low calorie or diet drinks.   The issue is not about banning soda, it’s about the government attempting to tell us what we can and cannot do.

I’m sick of it.  The government should not be involved in people’s personal lives.  You simply cannot dictate what someone chooses to do, that is there choice.  It’s like the government wants to choose where we can live, what we can eat, where we can dine, the type of cars that we can buy, what we can where.  Before you know it they’ll be telling us who we can and who we cannot date.  There is a reason everyone has a personal life; we don’t want that personal space to be evaded by people who have no reason to invade that space to begin with.

I wonder how many politicians would like it if the everyday citizen began poking around in their personal lives.  Seeing what they eat and all the other things they do that perhaps they wouldn’t want the public to know about.  I get the argument about the soda epidemic; the nation is not healthy beyond most standards, but we can not tell people what they can consume.

It’s a personal choice they get to make and unfortunately they have to live with the consequences of those actions.  More importantly, I do think people should perhaps be better educated on the health factors of consuming large amounts of soda.  By educating the public they are now able to make better informed decisions on what things to place into their bodies. The government’s goal is to protect our personal security and to ensure that civil liberties are not infringed upon.  Why so many politicians think they have the right to infringe on our personal choices is haunting.

This is a message for the American government to stop intruding on the American public’s personal choices; we already have enough problems in the nation already.  How about tackling those issues instead of attempting to control are every single move.

By Trevor Roberts