HOLLYWOOD—Tyler Perry and company tried to deliver a shock to viewers on last week’s episode of “The Haves and the Have Nots.” How so you might ask? By making us think that David Harrington’s life was in dire straits. Well, it was, but not near death as this week’s episode, ‘The Committee’ showcased. Madison informed Jeffery that David went into cardiac arrest.

Justin’s jealously exploded, which only created further conflict with Jeffery who was an emotional mess. Well, this was a very interesting development. That guy that Veronica utilized to set the bomb that killed Erica and seriously injured David was taken into custody by the FBI. The walls are closing in on the Ice Queen and I CANNOT WAIT to see her take a massive tumble.

Jeffery continued to be in a sour mood, for good reason. It seems like Madison is having an influence on Jeffery forcing him to question his relationship with Justin. Justin showed a bit of compassion, but Jeffery raged, and as a result he decided to sever ties with Justin. This is a major problem, Justin is not letting Jeffery go without a fight and I can sense some serious danger heading in Jeffery’s direction as the finale approaches next week. Justin was in major denial about Jeffery cutting things off; it was in one ear out the other.

Candace received a visit from Benny who informed his sister that he refused to sign the paperwork to release those funds back to the Cryer clan. Candace came up with a plan to potentially get her hands on some funds. Benny you idiot, you fall for some of the stupidest things in the world. Landon made it very clear to Candace she had no option, she was chosen by ‘The Committee’ and as a result she could not weasel herself out of the situation. Landon shared a tale of a previous woman who refused and things did not end well. Hilarious, looks like Candace has finally met her match.

To the really good stuff, Veronica was unnerved to hear from her mark that the FBI busted her. When she refused, you could see the wheels turning in Veronica’s head. He started to spill to the FBI, who weren’t stupid, but I sense this guy was aiming to protect Veronica to implement his own plans. Looks like the FBI is about to place the cuffs on Veronica Harrington!

Hanna was busy packing up her belongings at Katheryn’s abode in the middle of chaos, when Derrick dropped a bomb on the woman who he has been pursuing. Let’s go to the Bahamas. It was a nice gesture, but Hanna seemed on the fence about the issue. Jeffery learned from the doctor that David is in recovery, just as Madison warned Jeffery that his situation is far worse than he thinks. Jim seemed intrigued to know what Katheryn was hiding. Looks like the patriarch is getting a taste of his own medicine and he did not like it one bit. Wyatt begged Jim to allow him to escape his prison. When Jim refused, he contacted George urging him to come see him to take his statement as he had new information to divulge.

Well, looks like Wyatt just showed his parents. I never expected that America, but it was indeed fun as hell to watch. David asked Jeffery to get Erica’s contacts from his home and Madison decided to tag along. Veronica got a taste of her own medicine when the FBI explained other rules are in play when dealing with terrorism. She’s scared alright and I love it. Candace met with Charles and she found a way to get a few digs in, and Charles learned that Landon was doing some major work behind the scenes. Was she scared or not, cause I have no clue at the moment.

This was a very fun penultimate episode, as matters culminated with Madison and Jeffery arriving at David’s place. Jeffery stumbled upon something game changing, but of course the writers would not divulge those details to the viewer. Jeffrey admitted that he had a crush on Madison, and it led to the two sharing a steamy kiss. There was one epic problem, the Ice Queen was watching from a distance.

I have been waiting for this finale for weeks, and with so much that could explode I don’t even want to guess who might meet the Grim Reaper, but my instinct tells me someone will. It looks like Jeffery and Veronica will have a fight to the finish, Benny is in hot water with the Malone’s, Jim gets busted and Candace might finally, finally turn over a new leaf. ‘Temptation Tuesday’ cannot come fast enough “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!