HOLLYWOOD—It has come upon us America, the series finale (that is right) of the hit Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots.” We were teased it would be a deadly finale, but just who would have their final date with the Grim Reaper? SPOILER ALERT if you have not watched the episode ‘Dark Intentions’ stop reading right now! When we left off the audience was surprised NOT once, but TWICE, first we learned Benny has a baby and second Sandy and his clan shot up Katheryn’s home which Hanna, her new grandson and his former fling were inside.

So who was shot by Sandy and his array of gunfire? The audience was forced to wait as it was apparent Wyatt had taken his final breathe and let’s be honest: I was ok with it. He cheated death so many times it was long overdue. Jim was an emotional mess, as he has lost two children now. Jim was a mess, as David tried to comfort his pal who drove off in a flurry. You reap what you sew Jim Cryer. It left Jeffrey, David and Madison in complete shock.

Back at Veronica’s place, she retrieved those funds for her hitmen who unleashed a veiled threat letting her know that she has many enemies, and it worried the Ice Queen who wanted information. If this is how Veronica Harrington dies I am going to be livid. Back to what the audience wanted to know, what transpired with Hanna, the baby and Benny’s one-night stand? Hanna, his child and baby mama were fine, but Hanna was pissed and unleashed her anger. Candace confirmed that Jim Cryer was not responsible for the hit, and it seemed like Candace started to suspect this was a possible setup.

When the police showed up, Benny wanted to play quiet and not disclose that it was the Malone clan. Benny really, do you think you can handle the Malones? Hanna was done and over it, she had some place to go and she vacated. Candace and Tanisha connected the dots, but Benny was in denial over the fact that he is a daddy. Benny is being a complete ass right now, thinking she was a gold digger, but she admitted she is an attorney with money and he started to recall what transpired.

Candace went to go see Mitch, against Benny’s wishes, just as Hanna tried to warn her daughter. C’mon Tyler Perry we don’t have time for these slow moments. We’re already 20 minutes in and you have less than 40 minutes to wrap up all this craziness. Candace was caught up with the money, even though Hanna pleaded her case to her daughter to let the money go to have a peace of mind. Uh-oh, I fear a bad foreshadowing here for our hero/villain Candace Young.

Katheryn called Marty to alert him that another prisoner is in her cell and she started to unleash her frustration on his attorney. Hanna got a call from Katheryn and she alerted that someone shot up the house. Thirty-minutes that is all we have left, we have to move things people like ASAP. Another foreshadowing moment people, looks like Jim and Hanna are about to tangle. Sandy threatened Brianna to call Benny as he slapped her around and she attempted to throw him off Benny’s trail. Katheryn was annoyed by Diamond who threatened to put a beaten on her, who happened to be the aunt of Lizzie Castillo. That was beyond brutal; I mean a brutal way for Katheryn to die at the hands of Jim and Wyatt’s cover-up.

Now all of a sudden Mr. Perry wants to increase the pace, and have those two goons shoot at who they think was Veronica Harrington, but the audience did not see a face, I think it was that girl, Laura, Veronica hired as her double. You cannot tell me after all the wicked chaos Veronica Harrington has unleashed, this is how she gets taken out and by two random characters the audience doesn’t even care about? Candace showed up at the Malone bar asking questions about what transpired with that shooting as Vinny puffed his chest as Candace tried to get answers from Mitch about his family’s wicked plans. Ooh, I want to see Vinny get his comeuppance so bad people. Candace pleaded Benny’s case, but Vinny did not want to hear the begging. Vinny dropped a bomb by revealing that the Malone clan is dragging Candace to Jim Cryer. Mitch got into a fight with his uncle as Candace was being dragged out, oh things get good the last 30 minutes of the episode because it has become a rush fest.

Benny showed up to his new home with Sandy in tow with gun in hand as Brianna did her best to plead for both guys to back down. However, Benny was brutally shot to death by the Malone clan as a result of Sandy’s weak butt. As a loyal fan of “The Haves and the Have Nots” I’m seething right now with this finale. It is beyond underwhelming. Benny dies after just finding out he has a baby? That is the ending he gets really?

More chaos erupted as Jeffrey received a visit from Tanner who dropped off a package that I’m certain is a bomb. Jeffrey open your got damn eyes, open them before your life ends literally right in front of your eyes! This just feels sloppy in terms of the finale there is no conclusion to things and that sucks tremendously. Madison was by Jeffrey’s side just as David entered the room, Jeffrey opened the package and it exploded. Pretty sure Jeffrey and Madison are dead, David not so sure about people, we didn’t see any bodies.

Sandy and his family dropped Candace who was brutally beat up to Jim Cryer. Jim gloated as Candace pleaded for her life as she was dragged to the top of stairs and placed into a tub of water by Jim who drowned Candace and he had no idea she is pregnant with child. Damn it looks like Candace is dead too. Like I predicted Jim is going to meet his maker courtesy of Hanna Young and I cannot wait to see it transpire.

Hanna entered the home and saw blood on the steps and walked up to find Jim sitting in the bathtub and she spotted her daughter’s body. Jim gloated as Hanna burst in tears as she pulled Candace’s body from the tub. Hanna was heartbroken and the rage in her erupted, as she put a beating on him, as he dragged her, but she managed to crawl out the house after tumbling down the stairs.

She fought furiously as she got into her car, Jim burst the window, but not before Hanna got away and turned that car back around and struck Jim with that vehicle and ran him over. It looks like everyone is dead including Jim Cryer, just before the screen goes to black with Hanna in absolute shock. This is utter BS “HAHN” fans!

This is the second series that I have dedicated years watching religiously as a loyal fan to Tyler Perry, but this is just beyond unsatisfying. You gave the audience that terrible, sloppy ending to “If Loving You is Wrong” and now we get served the same crap for “The Haves and the Have Nots?” Why the hell do we need a two-part cast reunion, but we couldn’t have a two-hour satisfying series finale that gave audiences everything we wanted and more. I’m starting to think no one knows how to deliver a well-rounded finale, because this sucked on epic grounds..

There was no real resolution, just everybody dying and so many stories unwrapped. What about Charles and the presidency? What secret did Oliver have that he wanted no one to know? What about the Malone clan? What about Amanda’s death being a possible homicide? Did David, Jeffrey and Madison actually die? What about Veronica? What about Tanner? Why no follow up with Colby?

Mr. Perry I am indeed disappointed, and I think I’m absolutely lowering my standards for your shows moving forward, but one disappointment I can forget, two, that’s a problem. Hell, I just got intrigued in “The Oval” and now I’m second guessing that.

For the many loyal, “Haves and Have Nots” fans I’m sorry you are as disappointed as I am in this lackluster, stale ending. We deserved so much better, maybe, maybe just maybe Tyler Perry will realize fans deserve a real conclusion and will make up for this mishap. It has been a treat “HAHN” fans!

Let your voice be heard about Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots” series finale by emailing me at ladale@canyon-news.com because I plan to write another column going over the entire series as a whole and all the things that went unanswered, unexplored or just felt like a missed opportunities. No shade to the cast because they have been freaking fantastic and they have to work with the material given to them. I adore each and every one of you to death for this guilty pleasure that literally became my ‘Temptation Tuesday’ every week since May 28, 2013. Tyler Perry you owe the viewers more and I think you know it.