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“HAHN” Recap: ‘Enough’

Candace finally let her walls down in this week's episode of Tyler Perry's "The Haves and the Have Nots."

HOLLYWOOD—Things ended on a climatic note during last week’s episode of Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots.” Candace and Hanna put a beating on Jim Cryer, who fought back by striking the women as well. This week’s episode, ‘Enough’ actually saw Candace and Hanna bond; she called her ‘Mom’ and the Young family is a united front like we’ve never seen before.

Katheryn’s arrival caused more chaos as she confronted her husband about sending a thug to stab Benny. Hanna might be God bearing, but she loves her kids as much as she hates their actions. Good luck Katheryn on trying to diffuse this situation. Benny’s arrival complicated things; instead of attacking your sister you should defend her because she is sticking up for you. Benny attempted to antagonize Candace by showing pictures of Quincy Jr. Mitch intervened, just as Jim continued to make threats, causing more ire.

Katheryn and Jim bickered about his latest stunt, and she issued threats. Wow, I can’t believe it has been nearly seven seasons and Katheryn never revealed to her family she had cancer. Jim, that is correct, Hanna was the woman who helped your wife during the most difficult time in her life: fighting for her life. Yeah, that news took Jim by storm, and the fact that he didn’t know speaks wonders.

Cue more drama because David poked around Jeffery’s whereabouts, and Madison decided to stay mum for once. Back at the hospital, Justin has Jeffery wrapped around his finger. At the police station, Wyatt was not happy that George was not willing to give him heroin. A doctor planned to give Wyatt a drug to detox his body, but George refused to play hardball. Either Wyatt follows the rules or he would return to his jail cell.

David entertained Veronica who stopped by his home looking to take him up on his offer to rekindle their romance. The Ice Queen has a bit of contrition, but I wonder if she has any idea what her hubby has planned for her. Oh, this is going to be so good! Veronica was not too pleased to learn that Madison is David’s nurse. She pushed, but David pushed harder. Jeffery was flabbergasted by seeing his mother and father together. He was stunned and called out his father on his antics. It looks like this new development is about to force Jeffery right into Justin’s arms.

At the Artesian Hotel, Candace informed Broderick on her thoughts to make a power move. He was worried about her wellbeing, but it was apparent she was on edge. Candace, Katheryn is actually trying to help you, so why would you try to bring her down? Landon spotted Candace and she seemed annoyed that Charles is still in her orbit. Are we actually getting a breakthrough here? Is Candace willing to allow the walls to break down and grieve like a normal human being? Really, Landon of all people is the one who manages to get Candace to share her truth. It was that video of Quincy Jr. that rocked Candace to the core, just as she was about to open up Charles arrived to be her talking ear.

Candace was afraid of getting her heart broken, but Charles was adamant about sticking by her side. As much as these two attempt to distance themselves from each other, they are constantly brought back to each other.  Things get crazy next week with Wyatt taking the stand, Jim making desperate moves and the Cryers and Harringtons come together to appear as a united front. The finale is fast-approaching and I cannot wait to see what ‘secret’ has been teased. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!

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