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“HAHN” Recap: ‘A Father’s Regret’

Justin dropped a bomb on Jeffery when he revealed he was responsible for running Veronica off the road.

HOLLYWOOD—Oh, this was a fun episode of Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots.” Veronica’s latest stunt might have big repercussions that our Ice Queen never expected. This week’s episode, ‘A Father’s Regret’ picked up where last week’s episode ended with Hanna being ‘attacked’ by Candace’s pal in her effort to get her hands on that $8 million. Hanna was an absolute mess, and I cannot believe that Candace would do this to her own mother.

Leslie got into Candace’s head a bit about her plot to mentally and physically torture his mother, and it got under her skin as she became concerned about her mother’s wellbeing. Candace you better get in check, cause Benny is about to bust you and even Gia is not going to be able to save you this time around. Jeffery arrived at David’s home in an absolute mess worried about his father’s whereabouts. Wow, Jeffery spilled the tea to the authorities that Veronica was likely culpable in the situation involving his father.

Wyatt continued to barter with Justin about getting his hands on some drugs. Wyatt got another surprise visitor when Jim stopped by in an attempt to reason with his son, who was dealing with absolute withdrawal. Things are getting good as Justin learned about a break-in (which is Hanna’s place), just as he learned about the car explosion at David’s residence. Damn David is in bad shape America; those scars on his back do not look good.

Jeffery learned that Erica was killed in the car explosion and David has no clue; ugh I cannot imagine his reaction when he learns the truth. Jeffery did his best to converse with his father whose condition is not looking good. It was indeed an emotional moment, as David was able to gain enough consciousness to talk with Jeffery. Both were well aware that Veronica committed the deed, but the question I want to know is what will Jeffrey do to get revenge on his mother for her latest action? Justin spied in the hospital room as Jeffery caught a glimpse of him from a distance.

Jeffery confronted Justin, who did not want to be comforted. Jeffery revealed that Veronica was the culprit, and here we go, Justin revealed that he was responsible for Veronica’s car accident that nearly killed her. That is a game changing reveal Justin, why would you reveal such detail to a cop. He seemed to gloat over the fact that he wanted Veronica dead, but that conversation was halted by Jim’s arrival. Jim was horrified to see his pal’s condition and he was well aware that Veronica could weasel herself out of another situation yet again. I can see Jim wanting vengeance against Veronica considering what she did to Wyatt. The notion of the FBI being involved changes the entire situation for our Ice Queen. She might be on top right now, but a fall is indeed coming.

Back to the good stuff, Candace was ready to check on Hanna, just as Leslie received a call from Veronica who wanted a bit of company. Man if Candace is warning you to stay away from Veronica that is a major sign. Veronica was shaken when the FBI stopped by her residence to question her about the bombing at her husband’s home. Yes, the Ice Queen is shaken for once; not good to have an attitude with the FBI when they are well aware you are culpable in the crime. It was laughable watching Veronica attempt to flirt with the FBI, and you’re not helping your case by noting how much you hate David and the fact that another attempt could be made on his life. Veronica was not happy to learn that David is still alive, the walls are closing!

Katheryn and Jim learned that Charles is the new President of the United States. This is interesting and I wonder how Charles’ new victory will play a role in Candace’s current predicament. Jim warned Katheryn about Wyatt’s predicament, and it seemed he alluded to the fact that his own wife could be tossed in jail real soon. Ok, this is just bothering the hell out of me, how long this situation involving Candace, Hanna and Benny will last? Just as Hanna found herself in dire straits, she made a run for it, just as her attacker came after her and she was forced to stab him in the back with a knife.

Candace you are in major trouble now, major trouble, and next week looks like the best of the season yet. Veronica taunts David, Hanna escapes, Benny might be in massive danger and Candace proves even when the walls close in on her, she always has an ace up her sleeve. I thought the season finale was fast approaching, but it looks like we still have a few episodes for whatever stunning moments or bombshell wrap season six. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!

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