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“HAHN” Recap: ‘Fifteen Minutes’

Candace had an emotional breakdown during the latest episode of Tyler Perry's "The Haves and the Have Nots."

HOLLYWOOD—This was such a fun episode of Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots” as we inch closer to the season seven mid-season finale. The episode, ‘Fifteen Minutes’ started to see sins from the past come to the forefront. It was utter hilarity watching Veronica throw spars at Jim and Katheryn about Wyatt, just as Jim and Katheryn returned the favor to Veronica by questioning Jeffery’s sexuality. Man, that woman’s paranoia came rushing about David’s potential deception.

Well Veronica, he is indeed deceiving you, as the foursome tried to come up with a plan to get themselves out of their dicey situation. They are about to be indicted by the District Attorney, just as Wyatt was ready to pull the trigger on his parents. That had Jeffery on edge, just as it seemed things were getting better for Candace and Charles. He pushed the notion of Candace burying the hatchet with her mother once and for all.

I think we can all agree that this is something long awaited and fans of the series have been desperately waiting for. Jeffery and Madison patched up things in their relationship, but Madison still had worries about his pal getting closer to Justin. It looks like the FBI is still looking to gain information on Charles, and when they learned that Candace slept with one of the agents, it opens the doors for Charles’ world to blow up.

Justin was anxious as he tweaked things inside his apartment to impress Jeffery. Wyatt initiated a threat, and Jeffery frustrated led his pal decide to do whatever is best for his situation. Justin tried to play nice with Jeffery, who seemed a bit distant. I’m sorry, but something is truly wrong with Justin; he’s not just infatuated with Jeffery, he’s borderline on the verge of being an absolute sociopath.

Mitch found himself in a precarious situation after learning that his uncle Vinny knows the whereabouts of Wyatt who nearly killed him. A major war is about to blow between the Malone and Cryer clan. Mitch is thinking logical, whereas Vinny wants revenge. If Mitch can recoup the $50,000 grand, Vinny is willing to call his attack on his life even. Yeah, even I was laughing at $50k to call things square.

Benny was none too pleased to have dinner with Hanna and Derrick, but those laughs soon turned to seriousness. Why? Candace stopped by to have a serious conversation with her family. Candace poured her heart out, but Hanna wasn’t buying anything that she witnessed. Thankfully, Benny played peacemaker between mother and daughter. When the family learned that Benny owed $20k to the Malone clan, the notion of giving up that $8 million became a lot trickier!

It’s HAPPENING! An actual breakthrough transpired for Hanna and Candace. Candace shared a tale about her mother comforting her and not being ashamed of her skin tone. It brought Hanna to tears and mother and daughter finally aired out their grievances. It was indeed a powerful moment to watch; one of the most riveting I’ve seen in years since watching this guilty pleasure.

Next week the finale arrives, and with Wyatt continuing to spiral there is no telling what he will do no that he has the rifle in his possession. FYI, my inkling about Derrick not being who he claims to be is going to come to fruition. I’m just going to toss this out right now: Derrick is Candace’s father! Let’s see if I’m proven wrong, until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!

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