HOLLYWOOD—It was the penultimate episode of Tyler Perry’s hit “The Haves and the Have Nots” before the mid-season finale next week. So what craziness would emerge in this week’s episode ‘Forget the Bubble.’ Let’s just say a lot! I do believe Hanna was doing the right thing by reporting her daughter to the police to protect her from War who is out for blood.

Officer Justin and his partner had a bit of a chat, where Justin did his best to cover up his charade. Justin decided to have a chat with Hanna about her daughter’s whereabouts, but had some reservations, out of concern for her grandson. Wow, Justin had a bit of compassion, and it became certain that Hanna was ok with doing what needs to be done to protect her daughter.

Hanna was shaken to discover that Quincy was stabbed nearly 40 times to death, and offered information to Justin about the danger of Quincy. It was apparent Justin might be utilizing this information to build a possible case around Veronica. Justin’s digging made it clear that Hanna was slightly unnerved. Back at the Artesian Hotel, Candace and Charles conversed to get to know each other better. We learned that Charles has children. The sparks are there people, but the banter got slightly dull after a few minutes Mr. Perry.

Wow, that was quick, Charles and Candace hooked up quicker than I expected; the same can be echoed for Erica and David. Veronica continued to push Jeffrey to his limit, as him and Melissa were forced to play Veronica’s game. Candace, this is one time where you should have answered your phone. Jeffrey lashed out at his current predicament, the fact that Melissa knows Jeffrey is hooking up with Justin makes it clear he can’t fool anyone. Fun moment watching Jeffrey explain his sex adventure with Justin to Melissa, but the Ice Queen eavesdropped on the conversation.

Finally, Jeffrey and Veronica go toe-to-toe yet again. Veronica is spilling all the tea to Melissa, giving her ally a clear blueprint of what is going on. What? Melissa stood up to Veronica, which made the Ice Queen furious. Veronica is the character we love to hate; she is the epitome of pure evil. Jeffrey is not pleased with his mother, and it seems yet again, she might be afraid of what her son is capable of. Seeing Jeffrey and Melissa wallow in sadness because of Veronica’s tactics was indeed a moment. Gosh, Jeffrey is acting so damn cold lately.

Jesus Jeffrey, why are you spilling everything to everyone you talk to. Melissa was not shocked to learn that he murdered someone, but at the same time it became apparent she was slightly unnerved by his admission. Melissa contemplated the possibility of murdering Veronica in order to obtain her will, but once again Jeffrey is hesitant to the idea. Jim received a call from Oscar with an update on Wyatt’s whereabouts and his location. Oscar is indeed good at his job. Jim was willing to work with the district attorney to nail Candace, but think again Jim, Candace is no dummy.

Things got hasty when Jim realized that Hanna was sitting outside their house, just as Katheryn decided to have a conversation with her pal. Hanna asked Katheryn if she knew a criminal lawyer that can help her children. Katheryn was seething red with the thought of having to help the woman who slept with her husband, but decided to help her pal. Veronica is already entangled in this mess, as she is already representing Candace and Jeffrey.

Charles is indeed having a good time with Candace people. Looks like guilt is beginning to eat away at Charles, who vacated the premises, but it looks like the blackmailing vixen has no mercy. Things were oddly strange for Erica, because she was getting busy with David as Warlock watched from a distance. Ok, what the hell am I missing here people!? Next week is the mid-season finale, and Mr. Perry loves to drop a bomb or two on audiences. From the teaser, it appears a death is coming and it will be heartbreaking. So who do you think will meet the Grim Reaper HAHN fanatics? Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday,’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!