HOLLYWOOD—Last week Tyler Perry delivered the twist many of us suspected on his juicy drama “The Haves and the Have Nots,” where Candace learned Charles was setting up Benny to take the fall for her crimes. Well in this week’s episode, ‘Haunted by the Surname’ more chaos exploded as we get closer to the season five finale. Candace refused to allow her brother to take the fall for Quincy’s murder; she made it crystal clear to Charles, Benny was not an option.

Wyatt and Anna continued to get cozy at his apartment, as they discussed their backstories, but the conversation was interrupted when Wyatt received a call from the District Attorney’s Office. Wyatt was stunned to realize that Jennifer Sallison was murdered. Back at the police station, Katheryn flirted a bit with Mitch about his relationship with Benny. Katheryn was well aware of Mitch’s family history, which he refuted having links to. Watching this cougar flirt with this youngster was hilarious, and the situation was heightened by the fact that Mitch actually flirted back with her.

Yeah she just wanted to get a rouse out of Mitchell. Hanna and Veronica spoke to Benny where questions about Quincy’s murder arose yet again. Hanna and Benny played it smart, by not revealing they are aware that Jeffrey was culpable in the murder of Quincy Maxwell. Hanna relieved the history of all the bad things Candace has done that has haunted their family. Veronica had a tense confrontation with Officer Justin who made threats about that video she took of him in Jeffrey’s hotel room. Those taunts Veronica made to Justin were hilarious, but the rage in his eyes spoke volumes in my opinion. Justin has a plan and Veronica should be quite worried to say the least.

Candace stopped by Erica’s room to deliver the details on her current situation. Candace shared the entire tale with her pal, and that she was being played without having a clue as to how he knew her past. When Erica started to dig into Quincy’s murder, Candace got defensive. When Erica revealed it wasn’t a bad idea for Candace to give up Benny, she reacted with a strong slap to the face.

Wow, that was indeed a fracture in the relationship of these two ladies, who were once close, but are indeed falling apart. Candace called Erica’s bluff with the revelation that her pal might be secretly working with Warlock. Um, Erica it looks like you may have gotten caught, but Candace is well aware what her pal might be up to. A furious Erica alerted Warlock that Candace slapped her and she wanted vengeance, but he was not baiting her. Warlock and his crew decided to pay Mitch a visit and Mama Rose’s restaurant, ugh, War that is NOT a smart idea; you may have just signed your death warrant buddy.

Hanna, Veronica, Katheryn and Mitch all waited for news on Benny’s situation, but it was the arrival of George that stunned Katheryn and Veronica with questions about the murder of Jennifer Sallison. Hmm, things are getting interesting, as Veronica played Katheryn’s lawyer to protect her from divulging any juicy details. Jeffrey decided to pay Melissa a visit who was not interested in speaking with him. Jeffrey apologized yet again, but Melissa’s emotional state of mind proved she has given up on life. At long last, we finally meet Melissa’s mother Doris, who is a Veronica clone in the making people. Wow, Melissa has attempted to commit suicide before in the past, and we know understand why Melissa has the issues that she has.

Charles dropped a bomb on Candace that her son was killed in a shootout. Candace was livid, and we saw emotions erupt in Candace never seen before. She broke down in tears, and when she learned her son died at the Fountain Motel, it was apparent she knew Warlock was the culprit. It was indeed a sad moment, Landon and Charles attempted to comfort the traumatized mother, but it was apparent vengeance was on the brain.

As a viewer, this is the first time we’ve ever witnessed Candace this vulnerable. Ok, so Veronica is indeed crazy, because she helped Katheryn set ablaze to her mansion to eliminate all possible evidence linking them to Jennifer Sallison’s murder. That was indeed a ballsy move people and I’m to see what happens next. We’re getting closer people, and next week looks bonkers. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday,’ “Haves and Have Not” diehards!