HOLLYWOOD—At the end of last week’s episode of Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots” Jim learned that his son Wyatt was dead. In this week’s episode, ‘The Heart of a Man,” Hanna witnessed Jim break down and his emotions were as genuine and heartfelt as ever. Jim became erratic as he was unable to cope with the news. He asked Hanna to visit the DA and ask her to allow him to be released to cope with the death of his son.

Back at the tow yard, Benny was still pissed that phones were still not ringing just as Warlock did his best to distract Benny from interfering with his plan for Candace. Mitch arrived back at the tow yard and implemented his plan by placing drugs into Warlock’s trunk and then did his best to cause a bit of tension. It became apparent that Benny got suspicious about War’s tactics, and Mitch ensured that his cop buddy busted an enemy.

Melissa was stunned when Jeffrey called her out on her actions. She confessed that if he can discover a way to bring down Veronica that she’d be willing to help him. And yet again, the b***h in Melissa emerges, just as David made a surprise stop by the home of his soon to be ex-wife. It’s such a treat to see Veronica and David go toe-to-toe with the wicked witch from the East. David urged his son to come with him, and was puzzled to learn that Veronica is still holding something over their son. Veronica alluded that Jeffrey was hiding something big, but David was unable to get Jeffrey to spill the beans.

When Veronica heard the news about Jeffrey, she put on a ‘sad’ face that wasn’t as sad as one expected, when she divulged that Wyatt died. God, this woman is pure evil people! Candace delivered the funds to War as he requested, but little did he know he was about to take an epic fall, one that he never expected. She was quite worried, but she shouldn’t be because he’s about to be locked up for a long time people! Veronica continued to push Jeffrey’s buttons at a time when his emotions were reaching a feverish peak. If I could jump through the TV screen to teach this woman a lesson God would I. Mr. Perry you write this character with such vicious intentions it’s hard to describe with words, but so juicy to watch.

Warlock got stopped by the cops, who searched his vehicle, after they divulged they got a tip from someone about him dealing. Not good, because he suspects that Candace set him up, but it was actually Mitch, this will not end well people! Back at the Cryer mansion, Hanna did her best to comfort Katheryn just as Veronica and Jeffrey arrived.

Katheryn confirmed Jeffrey’s worst fears, just as Hanna did her best to comfort Jeffrey during such a difficult time. Veronica was only unnerved by her son’s actions, which prompted Katheryn and Hanna to show support. It was such a moment to see Hanna go toe-to-toe with Veronica, finally someone giving the Ice Queen a taste of her own medicine. The ladies called out Veronica on her unmotherly habits and lack of compassion.

Jeffrey refused to leave, as Veronica continued to make a scene, and she exploded on Katheryn, but not before her friend forced her to acknowledge who her son truly is. Veronica unleashed wholly hell, just as Hanna was about to explode on this rage-fueled b**h, and Jeffrey lost it. It was the moment fans of the series had been eagerly waiting for. He continued to look at that bottle, as Veronica laughed at her son, who lost it after she taunted him for the last time.

He stabbed her in the chest with a knife. Wow, that was a moment that was epic in more ways than I can count and so worth it. I can’t WAIT until next week’s episode when we see the aftermath of Veronica’s stabbing unfold. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards.