HOLLYWOOD—We’ve been waiting, and at long last the mid-season finale of Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots” has arrived. It was an episode, full of surprises, twists and jaw-dropping moments. This week’s episode, ‘A Lover’s Passions’ saw plenty of worlds collide. We picked up where last week left off with Justin walking in on Jeffery and Wyatt embracing in a hug. Cue the jealously demon! Jeffery was in no mood to deal with Justin, and neither was Wyatt. Wyatt attempted to talk some sense into Jeffery about the dangers of dealing with Justin.

Justin decided to air out his grievances to Jeffery about feeling unwanted and that he is in love with him. When Justin attempted to make advances, David and Wyatt burst into the room to diffuse the situation. Thank God for Wyatt spilling all the tea to David about Jeffery and Justin’s situation. So as much as Justin frustrates Jeffery, he holds a soft spot for the cop. Good ole David, doing what needs to be done to protect his son. Back at the Artesian Hotel, Oscar was busy working on retrieving Wyatt’s funds for Jim and Katheryn. However, it was a stunning move to witness Jim and Katheryn waiting inside Wyatt’s condo for him to arrive home. Katheryn was wowed by Jim’s ability to retrieve Wyatt’s funds, just as Candace made a call to Rocky to get the scoop on what Oscar was up to. Well, here’s Gia to work her magic yet again as a new plan comes to fruition. Now isn’t this interesting, what if the money that Jim stole from Wyatt, Candace steals from Jim?

Candace is a busy girl, as she had a conversation with Veronica about opening an account (via the Cryer clan). Veronica was stunned to learn that David bought a house and Erica is staying at his house. Yeah, the Ice Queen was shook; to be honest she was at a loss for words. This woman actually has a HEART America, and for once I actually felt sorry for Veronica Harrington. Two devious divas working in tandem to take down their enemies, its things that you can’t make up!

Out to prove that she cannot be out maneuvered Melissa decided to utilize Veronica’s phone to send Benny a text message that ruffled his feathers. Hanna immediately picked up on the situation, and mother and son had another sparing match. Hanna decided she was willing to come back to work for Katheryn after praying on it. I’m kind of happy to see this, but at the same time, not so much because the waters are likely to get murky yet again.

Gia’s conversation with Oscar was interrupted by Candace who poked a bit about Oscar’s plan regarding Charles. Candace you are brilliant at the way that you reel Oscar into your orbit to get what you want. You reap what you sew. David returned to his empty home, looking distraught, sad and stressed. However, Erica was able to put a smile on his face that got him to let his guard down and share his regrets about his relationship with Veronica and how it impacted Jeffery. Yes David, you were way too soft for way too long.

Veronica informed Candace that her bank account has been set-up, and when Candace tried to sway Veronica, the Ice Queen made threats that will cost her largely. Even Candace knows Veronica is bonkers and off the rails, which I never expected to hear someone else echo. Candace decided to play a game with Oscar, which he immediately picked up on. She divulged a little about Charles, which Oscar relished at. She warned him that Charles is a dangerous foe to go up against.

Wyatt you were doing so well, and all of a sudden you’re spiraling once again. Not only are you drinking, but it looks like you’re using once again. Not sure what bar Wyatt decided to visit, but it was indeed a bad choice because it looks like he is going to have to fight temptation with an iron fist to resist that drug of choice: cocaine.

The final moments were interesting to say the least, as Veronica arrived at David’s new abode, and when she peaked inside she got an eyeful of something (the viewers didn’t actually see it), but we know it was David and Erica getting hot and heavy on the steps. Man, that teaser for the rest of season six looks bonkers CRAZY! It looks like death is about to return and in epic fashion! Until May 1 “Haves and Have Nots” fanatics!