HELLO AMERICA!—For me, there is nothing more exciting than discovering new and gifted people who are ready to take on the challenge of finding a place for themselves on a marquee. When meeting and watching him master his position on Dominican’s highly rated basketball team, there was something definitely special and magical that captured the eye of everyone there who watched him shoot the ball in the basket as if the moment was waiting just for him to execute the action. This young star’s name is Jeff Scholz originally from Oregon, who was inducted into his high school’s Hall of Fame and was known as the original “Jersey Shore Guido.”

Jeff was respected by everyone on that campus and it was easy to understand why nearly every girl on campus wished he would look their way. And, of course, he did give quite a few a taste of his magical charm. Jeff had and still has that certain X-Factor, which breeds a winner.  If one thinks of some of the most successful film actors or personalities, they have the quality which people pay big bucks to stand in line to watch for an hour or so. Scholz is one of these people.

When Jeff indicated that he read my book, “Hollywood Through the Back Door” and that it  was being readied for a possible miniseries, he would appreciate an opportunity in being a part of it, no matter how small.  Hearing this and remember what kind of effect he has on people, I quickly spoke with our producers and they agreed. So, he will play a featured role in the film as a very rich, spoiled boy who gives the lead character a very rough time. It will be quite a challenge for him but when the audience takes a look at that smile, he will no doubt be judged as someone to watch for Hollywood stardom.

When hearing what plans we had for him in the film, he smiled and said, “You know, I’ve been dreaming and thinking about this kind of thing most of my life. I feel very at ease when standing before the camera, it’s like I belong there. So, whatever it takes or whatever I have to do, I’m ready.”

Jeff admitted that he had to work extra hard because he didn’t have the support of his father like many of his buddies. “If it were not for my mom, “Dixie,” life would have been really tough but she was always there when things got really rough. And I think this was another reason why I was determined to get my education, excel in sports and whatever it takes to make life easier for those I loved so much.”

Jeff is married with children and they all understand his dreams and eagerly support every move he makes in business or otherwise. “I want to make a life for myself and my family as a part of the entertainment industry; it’s always been a dream of mine. And now that I’m being given this opportunity, I want to take full advantage of it. I’m one lucky guy with so many people who care and believe in me!”