HOLLYWOOD—Well, the wait is over. After several episodes of hints that Quincy Jr. was very ill, the latest episode of Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots” revealed the ugly truth about the child’s illness. ‘Making Millions’ saw Candace and Benny take action to rid their lives of Quincy’s body, just as power moves were made to change the dynamic of those in power and those without it.

Hanna frantically rushed to the hospital to get treatment for her grandson, as panic moved through her body. In other news Benny continued movement with the new tow yard, and raised concerns with his new partner who was not happy that he has been working like a slave. It piqued his pal’s interest, and Benny unleashed a bit of fury along the way.

Back at the Cryer residence, Wyatt continued to drink and celebrate being free, but Jeffrey was not in a celebratory mood. Jeffrey warned his pal that having so much money would not be good for him. As Jeffrey poked around, it unnerved Wyatt a bit who told his pal that a relationship between them would never happen. Benny alerted Candace that Quincy’s body has been buried in the backyard and he utilized the skills that he had best to cover up a crime. Looks like Benny is not having a good day, and Candace was on the receiving end on most of his anger.

Hanna learned from the doctor that her grandson has lupus; that is indeed a game changer. Another blow delivered to the grandma who is doing everything in her power to stay strong. David decided to pay Veronica a visit and handed a guard a large sum of money, but wanted information from his wife in order to save her. Per usual, Veronica continued to be cagey about giving details. Candace has one nosey neighbor who alerted Jeffrey that way too many guys have come and gone from the abode.

David received a visit from Oscar, and it resulted in David asking for Oscar to figure out who set-up a hit on Veronica and all of her secrets that she has kept hidden. He also asked his pal to locate the guy having an affair with Veronica, um, its Benny! Candace begged her brother to help on another favor, and she dropped the bombshell that the person responsible for his accident was none other than Wyatt Cryer. Candace, your mother still doesn’t know that Wyatt was indeed responsible for the hit-and-run. The vixen came up with a new scheme that involved suing the Cryer clan.

Returning to the jail, Quita received a call from the authorities alerting her that they have her car and the officer gave her a bit more information than they should have. Looks like things are about to get a lot messier than viewers expected.

While in the shower, Candace received an unexpected visit from Warlock who was looking for his money. He refused to adjust the timeline. The game has changed because Warlock threatened to kill Benny if he doesn’t get his money. Wow, this is just wicked, and Tyler Perry things are just getting a bit sick in terms of the 360 turn on the relationship between Warlock and Candace.

The moment fans thought would never transpired occurred as David and Maggie took their relationship to the next level. I can only imagine how Veronica will react when she learns the shocking truth. Looks like Maggie finally got what she wanted, but not sure if she can prepare herself for the wrath of the Ice Queen which is about to be unleashed. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’, “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!