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“HAHN” Recap: ‘Out Of Time’

Hanna learned something about Derrick during the mid-season finale of "The Haves and the Have Nots" that changes everything.

HOLLYWOOD—I called it! I knew it, there was just something about Derrick that never added up and Tyler Perry finally addressed a question that I knew would come to the forefront. The season seven mid-season finale for “The Haves and the Have Nots” dropped a major bomb on audiences (not me cause I saw it coming). This week’s episode, ‘Out of Time’ saw Hanna and Benny on cloud nine after realizing that Candace has had a breakthrough.

Benny warned his mother that he doesn’t feel good about Derrick, and his instinct is on point if you ask me. Mitch alerted Benny he needs to stay put until he can get that $20k that he owes his family. Candace updated Charles on her breakthrough of a conversation with her mother and he was happy to hear the news. Candace was skeptical about going to The White House and she has reason to be.

The Ice Queen was spiraling out of control, resorting to drinking, just as David chased her. He did his best to convince his ex-wife that he was not playing her, but we know that not to be true. Oh, a bit of a backstory: Veronica was in an abusive relationship. Interesting, just as she taunted him about killing his whores, and David taunted his wife about the explosion that has scarred him for life. Veronica and David had an honest conversation for once; her paranoia continued to creep in the back of her mind, as it became clear David was over his head.

Veronica is an idiot; she’s spilling all the tea to David, who is already furious beyond words with his wife for her latest stunt. He was good at putting on a show to draw suspicion away from his actual intent. She was eating in the palm of his hands. David tried to cool off, but his rage was exploding. He called Jim to talk him out of doing something he’d forget. Jim reiterated that Veronica is needed to get them out of their sticky situation with the District Attorney.

Katheryn was worried sick when she learned that Wyatt had got his fingers in her medicine cabinet. Jim was taken aback after learning that Candace could become the new First Lady of the United States. Wyatt continued to prove his disdain for his parents, especially Jim. Dear ole dad confronted his son about pilfering through his mother’s medicine cabinet. HELLO! Katheryn and Jim, your son has just drowned his sorrows with pills galore, which led to Jim taking drastic measures to ensure his son didn’t kill himself. Wyatt made threats to murder his father with a shotgun

Hanna confessed to Benny that she likes Derrick, which prompted Benny to question Derrick’s motives. Benny alluded to wanting to harm the man who hurt his mother all those years ago. Charles, Landon and Candace arrived at The White House to come face-to-face with the current president and the First Lady. Landon sensed that something was wrong and if only Charles picked up the energy that Landon alluded to; he was right people. Talk about ice breaker questions people in the world of politics.

Jeffery finally stopped by Justin’s place, but was taken aback by all the pictures of himself plastered throughout the apartment. Yeah, you should have listened to Madison, because Jeffery you are involved in a fatal attraction relationship. Jeffery wanted to bolt; he realized the situation was not the best, which caused Justin to show his rage yet again. When Jeffrey attempted to walk out, Justin broke a wine bottle and threatened to hurt himself.

It frightened Jeffery; he did his best to talk Justin down. Looks like the Attorney General was ready to take out Charles and he spilled a bit of Intel about Candace being a prostitute. Looks like Charles is in for a major stunner. The final moments revealed what I’ve known for months: Derrick broke down in tears, which left Hanna shocked.

He revealed the lion tattoo on his chest. He was the guy who raped her and he is Candace’s father! Oh, come on! Now that is what you call a cliffhanger. So many surprises, so many questions left unanswered. Well “Haves and Have Nots” fanatics, we’ll have to wait until May 7, until we get those answers we want.

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