HOLLYWOOD—He knows, at long last Charles caught a clue on the latest episode of Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots.” Landon has not been that coy about his feelings for Charles at least from the viewer perspective and has delivered several hints to Charles who did not pick up on the hints. This week’s episode, ‘Smitten’ first picked up after last week’s jaw-dropping cliffhanger with David slapping Veronica. Yes, America that did indeed transpire.

Veronica was speechless with David’s action, and the fact that she was bleeding unearthed the Devil in the Ice Queen. Finally, a bit of frustration was unleashed from David that we’ve never seen before. Threats were made, and I fear a Harrington might see the Grim Reaper before the season concludes. Spiraling out of control, Veronica forced Leslie to leave her home, as it became clear she was out for blood and she made a call to Derrick expecting him to exact vengeance.

David was stunned to see his condo in shambles, just as Jeffery finally confirmed to his father that Justin trashed the place. Yeah, David you struck at Veronica for no reason and it might cause a major issue down the line. Jeffery informed David that he does indeed like Justin, which prompted David to force his son to question his volatile relationship. Out of the shadows, Justin repented his actions, but why in the world David co-signs this. Mr. Harrington made it crystal clear he will go to the depths of the world to protect his son.

Justin professed his love to Jeffery, which prompted Jeffery to respond coyly. Down at the police station, George was still putting his case together against the Cryer clan and the footage is quite strong. Why? The police have video footage of Benny, Jim and Wyatt all leaving that bar where Vinny was stabbed. Jim’s perp did her best at getting her hands on that evidence that would help Jim’s case, but it was apparent that Lawrence was aware that she was up to no good.

Hanna was stunned to look at Benny’s bank account and see over $8 million. Hanna was so thrown by the revelation that she contacted Katheryn right away. Jeffery stopped by the hospital to visit Wyatt who is still strapped in a white jacket, a bit somber with his situation at hand. Jim wanted Sarah to bring the actual evidence she got her hands on to him in person. Veronica, newly refreshed had a meeting with Derrick, who delivered her a list of numbers (preferably a list of people) who are able to take care of a ‘job.’ Veronica continued to threaten a face from the past.

Hanna confronted Benny about all that money in their bank account, just as Hanna confronted Katheryn about the hefty funds in her account. Wow, Katheryn knows it was Candace, just as Benjamin realized it was his sister that placed the money into the account. Candace argued the funds were legit, but Benny and Hanna was not buying a single thing she was saying. Hanna was 100 percent certain that money is no good, which we all know to be true. Man, the friction between Benny and Hanna is increasing week to week America. Well, this is unexpected, Erica is trying to get pregnant and she alerted Rocky about her plan. Erica begged Rocky to apologize to Candace.

A frazzled David stopped by Jim’s place to chat with him about Veronica, and he revealed that he slapped his wife. Jim laughed at the situation noting that Veronica delivered far worse for all the crap that she has put him through. While not funny, it was kind of funny to watch things unfold. Jim warned David that Veronica is about to retaliate and in a vicious way. Jim warned David to look into Erica’s background, but the situation was interrupted by the arrival of Sarah who delivered the bullets per his request. For once, Sarah stood her ground and it was nice to actually see.

Benny, Hanna and Candace had a conversation about that money in their joint account. For once, Candace dropped a bit of the truth revealing that she blackmailed someone who is powerful. When Candace tossed out giving her brother $1 million, he perked up quickly. Mother and daughter traded spars, just as Benny was skeptical about the situation. Hanna

was livid and warned her son not to touch that money, and it became apparent that Candace was not going to get what she wanted for once.

Man this situation is tense, as the authorities busted into Hanna’s abode and placed Benny under arrest. Whoa, is Candace really going to threaten her mother to get her hands on that money? Justin looks to give Wyatt his wish of killing himself, and Veronica puts her plan in motion to take out Erica and David with a hit. Um, season 6 is a treat America. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!