HOLLYWOOD─The war between those with money continues on Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots.” This week’s episode, ‘The Heavy Lifting’ witnessed David still reeling from witnessing Jeffery and Madison getting busy in his home. Jeffery was in a panic, but Madison didn’t seem too worried at all about the situation. It was apparent that Madison likes to get underneath the skin of people for no apparent reason. Now we can actually get to the drama, Celine paid Veronica a visit to discuss their plan to seek retribution against Jim Cryer.

I like that Celine doesn’t take crap from people, and Veronica wanted to represent Celine by suing Jim for child support and emotional abuse. Celine pried a bit into Veronica’s vengeance against the Cryer family, and the former maid made it clear that she did not trust the Ice Queen. So will she or won’t she? That is the question of the hour for Celine?

I’m being honest at this point this entire storyline with Charles Fredericks is tired and old at this point. The rivalry between Oliver and Landon is far more interesting and let’s spend more time on this storyline because the friction between these two are really heating up and threats are being made people. So let the fireworks begin as Landon utilized his leverage against Kyle to ensure Charles eliminated a major threat that was ready to dismantle his presidency. So much for Jim being able to utilize the guy to get Katheryn and Wyatt off for their crimes!

Hanna paid Katheryn a visit so the duo could discuss in detail the importance of her trust. Wyatt tried to show remorse for his actions, but Katheryn didn’t buy one second of it, even though Hanna warmed up to the idea. Hanna was shocked to hear Katheryn wanted her assets to be protected from Jim and potential lawsuits. It was a bit much for Hanna to take in, but she agreed to help her pal.

When Hanna learned from Katheryn that Jim would have to come to her to see an ounce of any money, it allowed her to have a bit of revenge. Oh, I love this. This guy was so smug, and now the woman he burnt is about to have more power over him than he could ever and I mean ever imagine. When Benny and Candace learned that Hanna was about to become Katheryn’s Power of Attorney, his eyes lit up.

Landon continued to speak down to Oliver, who seemed to be reaching his boiling point, and I feel Landon is going to regret that in the long run. David shared with Jim that he walked in on Jeffery having sex and it frazzled his mind. Jim decided to poke the dagger a bit against David’s chagrin. Jim was not happy to hear David was willing to turn the tables on Veronica and protect Katheryn and Jim in the process.

So this war was on the verge of exploding a few seasons back between Jim and Veronica, and now it has reignited yet again people. Veronica alluded to having sex with Jim, who denied it, but her specifics made me think that maybe these two did indeed hookup in the past. Jim was served legal documents by Veronica noting that he is being sued for child support, sexual harassment and a host of other things courtesy of Celine. Spars were traded between Jim, Veronica and David and it was hilarious. Flat out hilarity to say the least.

David offered Jim his blessing to take out Veronica, just as it seemed that both buddies slept with the other’s wife. Jim with Veronica and David with Katheryn, wow, I did not see that taking place people. Candace and Benny showed up to the bank to return the money to Jim Cryer to save her brother’s life. However, it looks like Candace has ulterior motives. It involves Benny opening an account, so that he can receive $1 million and Jim receives $8.35.

Just when we thought Candace had turned over a new leaf, Mitch and Benny got into her ear. So next week is the penultimate episode before the mid-season finale, whoa the fireworks are erupting and I cannot wait. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!