HOLLYWOOD—My Tuesday night guilty pleasure has returned. Tyler Perry’s second half of season six of “The Haves and the Have Nots” kicked off this week and if you thought things were crazy at the start of season six, whew, we haven’t seen anything yet. There was a major cliffhanger teasing audiences that Veronica Harrington aka The Ice Queen witnessed something shocking between David and Erica at his abode, something the audience didn’t see until now.

‘Veronica’s House’ kicked off with The Ice Queen confronting David about his extracurricular activities with a much younger woman. To say she was angry was an understatement because she launched a brick through the window which immediately garnered David’s attention, who was in his skivvies. Veronica is delusional as hell; and this woman made epic threats and staged a scene. Oh, as much as I hate Veronica, I love this character to the core. The friction between David and Veronica is delivering a ton of drama, drama so good you cannot miss a moment, but it’s apparent there is still love between them.

We know how vicious Veronica can be with Jeffrey, but I wonder what the hell this lady has prepared for her former lover. It could be grand, and something to be talked about for weeks to come. I have a feeling that Erica is afraid of Veronica, and she should be to say the least. Hanna is definitely not the same church-totting lady we thought, especially when it comes to going out on a date. Veronica was still on a warpath, as she decided to pay Jeffery a visit to gloat about his misdeeds.

The psychological games that Veronica plays are torturous to say the least; I mean seeing Jeffery gravel at his mother’s feet to get out of jail was frustrating. Jeffery was stunned to realize his mother just played him for a fiddle. After Veronica got done taunting her son, she decided to do the same to Justin, but this is one guy who has no shame in going toe-to-toe with his nemesis. She can’t seem to get underneath his skin the way that she thinks. Wow, Justin just confessed to Veronica who can’t seem to pick up on the fact that he was INDEED the culprit in her little accident that nearly killed her. Oh, this was hilarious watching Justin get underneath Veronica’s skin; she was unnerved and the more he talked about his relationship with Jeffery it left her silent as a mouse.

Derek and Hanna exchanged small talk over dinner, where the two shared a bit about their past, kids and life. The sparks are definitely there, so it will be fun to see where things go with these two. Benny, Benny, when will you ever learn? That impromptu visit to Veronica’s house led to Melissa putting the moves on him yet again, and I’m now convinced more now than ever that Melissa is not pregnant. And Benny is about to become entangled in a paternity mess. A few kisses led to Benny and Melissa finishing what they initially started a few episodes ago.

Candace is up to her old tricks again, as she wooed Oscar about her interest in ‘Charles’ even though we already know it’s a complete sham. So to get the goods on the guy who conned her she spiked his drink. As Oscar realized he was drugged, Candace made it clear she wanted the money he took from her and she was going to get it one way or another. Was I happy to see Candace stick it to Oscar? Yes, but not at the expense of Wyatt who is inevitably going to blame things on his parents creating more mess than needed. It was a sight worth seeing to watch Veronica walk in on Benny and Melissa getting busy. Benny, this is one woman you don’t want to screw over because when she seeks vengeance it’s brutal to say the least.

As Melissa flaunted getting one over on her enemy, Veronica belittled her with threats that led to an epic catfight where Benny had to play mediator. Katheryn and Jim waited patiently in Wyatt’s apartment for him to return home; little do they know their son just spiraled back to the dark side once again. Ok, what the hell is with all the foul language this episode? I can see pushing the boundaries, but dropping the S-word every 5 minutes has become a bit over-used.

Wyatt returned home angrier than ever. When his parents refused to leave, he made plans to call the cops, but Jim discovered Wyatt’s cocaine and the parents did what they should have done a long-time ago: they got rid of the drugs. Whoa, whoa, that was a bit too far, as Wyatt slapped Katheryn to the floor, before knocking a wine bottle over Jim’s head. He went in for the kill, with rage sitting in his eyes.

I thought this premiere episode was juicy, next week looks better, as Veronica tosses Melissa out, Candace may have gone too far with Oscar and will Wyatt commit the unbelievable. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!