SAN FRANCISCO—A walk down on Ivy Street in the Hayes Valley area, an empty lot on 449 Ivy Street, is covered by wooden walls. Homebuyers have an option to purchase the lot and design the space into a new outdoor facility. 

On the other side of the lot is a renovated residential building located on 537 Grove Street as both the lot and house are connected. Helena Zaludova, a real estate agent, has these two properties on her list. She offers buyers the opportunity purchase either 537 Grove for $4,495,000 or 537 Grove and 440 Ivy as a package for $6,250,000.

From Eastwood Development’s website, 537 Grove was initially built in 1900; through Eastwood’s design, the building was renovated fully with Art Deco style in January 2020. The house is 3,300 square feet and has four bedrooms, three full bathrooms, two powder rooms, and three living rooms filled with Euro Oak floor. 

According to Live 7 by 7 Real Estate, 449 Ivy allows homeowners possibilities to build facilities such as a park, swimming pool, work or art studio, climbing wall, sleek garage for a car collection, or a private gathering event. The lot is connected with the lower level of 537 Grove through its back yard with a fireplace.