SAN FRANCISCO—A heat wave is expected to hit San Francisco this week, bringing a red flag warning for wildfires and smoky conditions. Weather reports predict scorching temperatures and high, dry winds in the coming week.

The red flag warning goes into effect on Monday, September 27, at 9 p.m., and will remain in effect until Monday at 9 p.m. Weather experts predict that North Bay mountains, and the East Bay hills and valleys will be affected the most, and will have the highest risk of fire danger.

According to a report released by the National Weather Service, “N to NE winds local gusts 35-45 mph, up to 50 mph at highest elevations. Critically low humidity. Easier fire starts. Potential for rapid spread of fire.” Cities that will be impacted by the heat wave include San Francisco, Santa Rosa, Napa, Concord, Livermore, San Jose, and Gilroy.

Wildfires still remain a current threat in California, with firefighters still battling 25 major wildfires across the state. Good progress has been made in containing fires that have been raging for weeks, the red flag warning has caused local firefighters to urge the public to be careful and aware in the coming week, such as limiting outdoor activities, and refraining from using equipment that could result in sparks.

Electric company PG&E also announced they may cut power in “rolling blackouts” in certain counties this week, in order to prevent sparks from equipment starting wildfires.

“PG&E has notified Napa County that a Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) is likely to occur beginning at 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, September 27th. The shutoff is expected to last through Monday, September 28th with restoration expected to begin from 8:00 to midnight,” reads an alert from Napa County officials.