UNITED STATES—Oh, America we have to do so much more to help our fellow neighbor. We are in a time of crisis in this country with the skyrocketing costs of goods and services as a direct result of the inflation. Yes, it is October which means we’re in the trenches of fall and those various holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas where our hearts tend to be more generous than any other time of year. However, there is so much more we can be doing.

We should pay it forward whenever possible. Think about the possibility of donating a meal or beverage to someone else if you’re capable of doing so. For me, the fall has always been my favorite time of year because I love the weather and the holidays and the ability to spend time with family. For me helping the homeless has always been a mission of mine. Don’t ask me why or how, but I’ve always felt this desire to help those who might be less fortunate. I hear from people time to time, oh, they’re alcoholics, drug addicts, crazy, and my response is how do you know?

You don’t. People have these preconceived notions based on things they see on the news or in movies, but all is not as it seems people. For many people who become homeless it is sometimes circumstance. A parent or person loses his or her job, fall behind on rent or mortgage payments and before you know it they’re out on the street. No one in my eyes wants to be homeless, but it happens and who the hell are we to judge because just like the person on the street and string of bad luck can put us in that same situation we assumed would never happen to us.

If I see a person near a road with a sign, by the freeway and asking for donations, if I have something to give I am going to give it. That is just who I am as a person. What that person does with that money I cannot control and that should not be my focus. I did a good deed that’s how I look at it, and more importantly I’m NOT looking for something in return. It is just who I am as a person, generosity oozes thru my blood; I’m going to place other people’s needs and wants before my own. Not always the smartest thing to do, but I feel if more people gave a lending hand we can accomplish so much in this country.

We could find housing for the homeless, we can provide the mental care for those who need the treatment, and we can fight food insecurity that is such a problem in this country. I mean the fact that there are so many children who go to school and that is the only meal or two they have the entire day that is sickening to my stomach and sad as hell to hear.

We collectively as a nation should make it a goal of ours to make sure every child has 3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and they are NOT solely relaying on the food provided at school to fuel their energy for the day and throughout the week. Donate more, but be aware of WHO and WHAT you’re donating to. Unfortunately, there are a lot of scammers out there, who are looking to make a quick buck and utilize fake charities to steal your money.

I never donate money from these retailers who ask you to round up the balance on your order. Why? I don’t know if that money I’m donating is actually going to those organizations. In addition, it’s simply a tax write off for many of these corporations. No, that company, retailer or organization can donate on its own; I’m not allowing you to save money on your taxes by placing you in a situation where you can receive a tax credit based on donations you received from the consumer. I’m going to go online and do my research on charities or organizations that I know are solid and legit and I’m directly going to make donations to them out of my pocket, because I know exactly WHO and WHERE that money is going.

We all have the ability to give and help others; it is just a question of actually doing it. Don’t feel the need to do it because you saw someone else do it. Hell, just simply do it, it’s the American thing to do. Donate canned foods and pantry items that you’re not eating that can be used for others who are in need. The same applies to clothing that might just be sitting in your closet, collecting dust that you haven’t worn in months, years, hell, possibly decades. Give it away people! Donate those clothes to people in need. You might have business attire someone who is looking for a job needs, you might be providing clothing for children in need, and you might be clothing the homeless who are living on the streets.

For those who don’t know, the winters are brutal in the Midwest and the East Coast, so coats, sweaters, shoes, shoes, underwear, anything that can be layered up to protect the homeless from dying from the extreme cold is a must people. Could you imagine freezing to death? Do you know how brutal of a death that sounds? That is the reality of some of the homeless in this country. Not a single person can help everyone, but if we all chipped in just a little just imagine how much we could accomplish. We can change the world and it is time for us to take steps to make that happen.

Written By Jason Jones