UNITED STATES—Last week the United States Supreme Court made an epic decision. The nine Supreme Court judges made a ruling regarding the state of marriage in the country. In a 5-4 vote, the justices ruled that marriage is a right that all Americans are entitled to. So precisely what does that mean?

It means that entire notion of marriage being between only a man and a woman is no longer the rule of law. This is phenomenal news. Why? Well, as a country who are we to say that two people can’t be married because it goes against everything that was stated in the Bible?

We live in a world where people are quite judgmental. We have this perception that what we think or what we know to be true is the golden rule of the nation. Sorry Americans, this is not always the case. We need to be more open to the fact that just because we ‘think’ something to be true, that is not always the case.

The Bible says many things, but lots of things in the Bible have been contradicted for as long as I can remember. It says people should not have premarital sex, but it happens all the time, even I’m guilty of it. Does it mean I’m destined and everyone else I know is certain to go straight to hell? I don’t think so. I mean if I were to go through the list of all the sins in the Bible and compare that with all the sins that Americans commit on a daily basis, we’d all have a one way ticket to hell.

The Supreme Court’s decision was a step in the right direction noting that the country has indeed evolved since the beginning of time. I mean reflect back on such historical cases like Roe v. Wade, Brown v. The Board of Education, Mapp v. Ohio and many more that had monumental impacts on the nation as a whole. Not only did it open the discussion on race relations, women’s rights and individual rights amongst many other things.

I mean I couldn’t believe there were states in this country that would deny what I believe to be a suitable candidate in the world of marriage based on one’s sex. Like who are we seriously to deny someone who loves another person the right to unionize in a marriage. I mean do two men or two women marrying each other bother people so much to the point that they feel it justified in preventing them from marriage?

For all those Americans who are in uproars about this decision, get over it. This is not only about the idea of allowing people to marry, it’s about individual rights. If someone wants to marry someone, they should be entitled to do so. I feel the notion of marriage is similar to the First Amendment, which allows people the right to Freedom of Speech, Religion and Press.

Now imagine if someone stole that right away from you; you can no longer say what you want to say, in addition, your religion does not matter. Yeah, this would leave people in uproar. How would they justify things? “Oh, it’s my right.” Yeah, the same applies with the notion of marriage. People who love one another should have that right to marry and have legal rights that everyone else has as well.

Think about this carefully, when you deny someone something, what impact does it directly have on you? America is the land of the free, but we’ve had to make significant strides in the past centuries to ensure fundamental rights that were denied to specific individuals were intact. There is still plenty of progress to be made, but I must say the United States Supreme Court is moving in the right direction.