SAN FRANCISCO—A homeless man was tortured for three days, beaten to death, and dumped in a pond in Golden Gate Park. Two suspect have been charged by authorities in connection to the homeless man’s death.

Stephen Williams, 66, was struck, stomped, and drowned by 36-year-old Nikki Lee Williams, also known as “Evil,” and 19-year-old Stephen Billingsley also known as “Pizza Steve,” according to recent court documents.

Police were able to identify the attackers with the help of tips from members of the community. The suspects were arraigned in court on Monday, June 6.

The three-day assault started on May 22, when Williams forced the victim into a pond and with the help of others, held his head below water and struck him repeatedly.

On May 23, Billingsley approach the victim, Stephen Williams, along Haigh Street, a popular hangout among transients, and struck and stomped him repeatedly.

The following day on May 24, Billingsley, along with others, again approached and assaulted Stephen Williams, leaving him unconscious near Alvord Lake.

Billingsley dragged the victim away from the scene and dumped him into a pond. A park gardener found William’s body floating face-down hours later and alerted authorities.

Investigators with the medical examiner’s office and the police department’s homicide detail noted that the death was suspicious. Williams died from “multiple traumatic injuries,” according to the medical examiner.

According to prosecutors, Billingsley and Williams attacked Stephen Williams because they believed the victim had masturbated near children in the park.

Nikki Lee Williams has been charged with conspiracy, assault, elder abuse, and false imprisonment. Billingsley had been charged with murder, torture, conspiracy, elder abuse, and assault.

Williams and Billingsley are set to return to court on June 17 for a pre-hearing conference. They have been described as “transients without longstanding ties,” by law enforcement officials.

Both suspects pleaded not guilty and their bails were set at $1 million each.

Homeless Man Tortured And Killed In Park was originally published on San Francisco News