HOLLYWOOD—Last week was a week full of utter madness on the CBS soap “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Well, more surprises were in store for fans this week with the return of a face that viewers have eagerly waited for years. Yes, that is right people Hope Logan now portrayed by Annika Noelle has returned to the canvas. Guys don’t feel too sorry for Kim Matula, who is busy on the new FOX comedy “LA to Vegas.” So what brings Hope back to Los Angeles? Ridge Forrester people. I swear this guy certainly knows how to woo a woman.

First, sweep her off her feet with a romantic proposal. Second, bring back her daughter who has been missing in action for years. Yes, Brooke was ecstatic to see Hope and enlightened to realize this isn’t just a visit, Hope is back to perhaps reclaim what once belonged to her. Yeah, that whole tale about Ridge sharing the love between Steffy and Liam being unbreakable was laughable. Little does he know his world is about to be rocked with the revelation that his daughter sleep with his nemesis Bill Spencer.

So Hope’s return brings a bevy of complications America. Why? Well Liam looks to be single, and while not ready to mingle he will indeed be looking for a listening ear, and with Sally Spectra sharing a bond with Liam in their darkest hour, a love triangle could be brewing. Let’s be honest, Liam and Hope would be happily ever-after if BILL SPENCER wasn’t constantly interfering and making moves to ensure Steffy was in his orbit. Well Bill, congrats your plan has finally backfired after your latest stunt, and Steffy might compete with the one woman who can actually take Liam away from her: Hope!

This is only further complicated with Wyatt. Yeah, this is crazy, the brothers have shared more women than I can count, but both were more smitten by Hope than any other. I mean Hope and Wyatt were on the verge of having a baby, but Quinn ruined that with her constant poking. Not likely Hope will be pleased to learn her former lover and her nemesis are pregnant. So that will be a tough pill to swallow, but it’s just a matter of time before Liam and Hope come face-to-face, but Liam might have to also fend off Steffy and Sally in the process. I mean 3 women all chasing after the same man; that’s crazy “B&B” fans.

Speaking of Steffy, it seems no matter what she does, her relationship with Liam is kaput. She can beg, she can cry, but Liam seems done, especially after that confrontation with Bill. While the two didn’t scuffle, it was apparent Liam was severing ties with dear ole day. Katie was stunned to learn the news from Steffy herself, and danced on eggshells about rather to divulge to Wyatt what she knows about Bill and Steffy.

Well Katie didn’t have to drop the bomb because Liam told his brother what dear ole dad did. It was shocking, but Wyatt being Wyatt seemed to still be aligned with his father even though he did perhaps the most unforgiveable thing to date. Cue round two between Liam and Bill, only this time Wyatt was on hand to play referee. Katie also disgusted by Bill’s latest stunt delivered a tirade to her ex-husband about his transactions.

However, it might be of importance to note that a powerful tool in the return of Hope is that she is going to learn from Rick (of all people) that Ridge cheated on their mother with Quinn. Yeah, Hope and Rick have always been cordial, but Rick is like a fireball waiting to explode. He hasn’t dropped the bomb yet on his mother and Ridge that he knows what he did, but when he does, it looks like Ridge, Thorne and Rick (all sons of Eric’s) will go to battle for control of Forrester Creations. Man, I have the slightest idea what is in store for “The Bold and the Beautiful” for February sweeps, but I have to admit I’m intrigued to say the least.