HOLLYWOOD—I knew it. I knew as soon as the adoption was a done deal on “The Bold and the Beautiful” that Dr. Reese Buckingham would try to flee town as soon as possible. I’m telling you right now, when the truth comes out about the baby swap, if Reese is not back in the states and paying for his crimes I will boycott the soap. I get Wayne Brady is a guest performer, but there is so many other ways to keep this ruse going or to have something transpire that does not immediately scream ‘something is not right!’

Steffy is happy as a button with baby Phoebe in her possession, but little does she know her world will soon explode when she discovers the baby she adopted is indeed Kelly’s sister, because she belongs to Liam and Hope. Liam has already bonded with the child and Hope is starting to get attached to the child as well. You know what they say a mother’s instinct immediately kicks in and the bond between mother and a child is unbreakable.

Zoe is already skeptical of her father’s sudden decision to move back to London, as is Taylor, who Reese became immediately smitten with. Looks like Reese got what he wanted from Taylor and is ready to vacate town as soon as possible to ensure he is not busted for declaring Hope’s baby dead, and later selling it to another person, someone quite close to Hope and Liam to say the least. Zoe is a smart cookie; daddy flew out of town quite fast, and considering that Reese left his apartment to Flo. Zoe met Flo and cue the first crack, as she wants to know how Flo and Reese know one another.

Hope is drawn to Phoebe and rightfully so; it’s her daughter. Liam seems to be falling back into family mode taking care of Kelly and now helping Steffy with the new baby. Hope is working to take her mind off of things by returning to Forrester Creations and relaunching Hope for the Future. Brooke and Liam are during their best to be Hope’s cheerleader, but it seems she will fall to pieces any day now. This is good for Hope, I need to see more with the character; she’s mourning, but that’s not what I want to see for the next month or so.

Even Ridge has started to question Steffy’s quick adoption, Taylor sidetracked the conversation. However, the question I want answered is why in the hell the bomb about Reese being the person to place Steffy in contact with the birth mother for the child that was adopted. At first I thought Flo would disclose the truth about the baby swap, then I suspected Taylor, but it seems evident at this point that it’s going to be Zoe who uncovers that massive secret.

That leaves the question we all want the answer to: what will Zoe do with that information after she learns what her father has done? It looks like audiences might find out sooner than later.