“Hot Pursuit” Is Full Of Laughs

Reese Witherspoon in "Hot Pursuit."

HOLLYWOOD—Can you recall the last time you saw a female buddy comedy that was actually good? Yeah, that is a rarity in the cinema world, but America may have found its latest comedic pairing with Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara.

The ladies join forces for the comedy “Hot Pursuit,” where laughs are delivered to the audience a mile a minute. Witherspoon has always been a funny lady, the same can be said of Vergara and when you put two funny people together, you get even funnier results.

Some might ask why the movie works so well, and the primary reason is chemistry. Witherspoon and Vergara have impeccable comedic timing and just work so well together on the big screen, the audience would truly suspect these ladies were real-life buddies.

The narrative of the movie follows Officer Cooper (Witherspoon) who is not the most poised officer on the force, I would argue she has a bit of that kookiness that Sandra Bullock instilled in her character in “Miss Congeniality.” Cooper brings a bit of sass to her character, especially when she is tasked of protecting Daniella, the widow of a drug dealer who criminals and dirty cops are hoping to capture.

The movie revolves around the ladies taking a long road trip to avoid being detected; rather it’s wearing wigs and various disguises they always seem to wither their way out of tricky situations even if it’s at the audience’s expense. Some of the laughs come via the ladies hi-jacking a tour bus as a way to deter their detractors, and Reese nearly double as Justin Bieber in one particular scene in the movie; its pretty hilarious to say the least.

Is the pairing between the ladies odd, without a doubt, but it has been argued time and time again that opposites always attract, and in this case it’s so true. The comedy is directed by Anne Fletcher who has proved her comedic chops in the past with her 2009 hit “The Proposal” starring Bullock and Ryan Reynolds.

While “Hot Pursuit” get no points for originality, the comedy does get one thing right: the pairing of Witherspoon and Vergara who work so well together, I can see the ladies teaming up again in the near future to give bellyaches to movie lovers.