UNITED STATES—The last few years have seen an unprecedented rise in divorces. While the number of divorces varies from state to state, the U.S still ranks highly among countries with the highest divorce rates. This article compares and objectively assesses the divorce rates in California and Florida. First, this article looks at the divorce rates among couples who live in the same state and give a breakdown of the average money spent during a divorce in each state. Finally, four statistics will be used to create a fair comparison between Florida and California. You can also start your own
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California vs Florida Divorce Rates: The Facts

Compared to married couples who live apart because of employment or distance, those who live together have a lower likelihood of divorcing. Out of sight, out of mind is a proverb describing how cheating on your spouse is more straightforward when they are not there. Living together as a married couple encourages stronger bonds and lower divorce rates since they participate in community activities together.

In 2010 alone, California had the highest divorce rate of any single state. Nearly 46% of marriages ended in divorce. On the other hand, Florida’s divorce rates were second lowest at 12% for people under 20. The divorce rates of married people under 20 in California were slightly higher than in Florida. Overall, these are interesting statistics for those having an idea about divorce in the U.S.

Divorce Rate: State by State Comparison

Currently, California is the most expensive state to get a divorce averaging $14,435 spent per person to finalize. On the other hand, Florida isn’t ranked within the top five most expensive states. It reported an average divorce cost of 10,409$ per person. If you live in California, you have to cough up big bucks before and after your divorce. Lawyer fees in California are among the highest in any state.

Divorce costs such as legal fees, child support, and alimony were the most expensive categories for Florida. The total amount of family court cases filed in 2010 was 328,816, and the median result was $3,636 per case. Couples had to settle nearly half of their cases with a median result. The median cost of a divorce in California currently stands at $26000 when there are kids involved and $17,500 devoid of kids. In terms of money spent on average during a divorce in each state, Florida ranked eighth while California ranked twelfth.

California vs Florida Marital Separation

Nine states demand you have a separation before the actual divorce. During this time, the couple must live in different areas for at least a year or more. California requires two years. To prove the couple is separated, they must provide evidence; this can be different utility and rent statements. It helps in reducing conflict between the couple and making the process easier.

Florida vs California Marital Satisfaction

There has been a current claim of folks feeling unhappy in their marriage and needing a reevaluation of the relationship. However, it does not always mean they want to end the relationship. A vast majority of married people today are unhappy with their union or their partner. Those with more education or who have attained a higher income level are more satisfied with their marriage than the opposite. The level of income greatly affects marriage satisfaction. There’s an increase in the number of children living with divorced parents. Marriage rates for the middle and lower classes have steadily decreased, surpassing 60% and 35%, respectively, by 2018. Contrarily, marriage in the upper class has remained largely stable, declining by only 2%.

People in Florida divorce more often than those in California. Based on data from 1990 to 2010. Florida has a 7% rate, while married people who live near each other have lower divorce rates. On the other hand, couples who live apart or in different states tend to have higher divorce rates. One can see that the total number of divorces is decreasing significantly over time. And for those who live in California but not for those who live near each other.

Divorce Rate: The Future

Based on the divorce rates of married couples aged 20-34, Florida ranked second highest while California ranked eighth. It means that married people under age 20 in California are slightly more likely to get divorced than married people in Florida based on 2008-2010 data. It makes the divorce rate of married couples aged 20 – 34 in Florida 11.2%, while the divorce rate in California is 9.7%.

Although it can be challenging to predict the future, it is important to take preventative measures. One of the main factors leading to divorce is financial issues. By managing money well and saving money for a rainy day, couples can increase their chances of staying together. Other ways include being communicative with one’s partner and staying connected emotionally and physically while keeping a positive outlook on life. With proper support, people can work through their issues without deciding to end their marriages or live separate lives. Even with all the technological advances and modern conveniences in communication like smartphones, Skype, e-mail, Facebook, and Twitter, we still need human interaction, which makes us feel loved and cared for by our partners. Also, being honest with your spouse is important, not acting deceitfully. We must show our partners that we cherish them and will do our best to make decisions together.

Many factors affect the likelihood of divorce. The decision to end a marriage is often out of the couple’s hands. If one partner is willing to compromise and accept that sometimes you don’t get what you want, why not give it a try? It can assist make your bond stronger instead of weakening it over time like most other relationships. While divorce rates and fees are much scarier in California than in Florida, much can be done to improve things.