UNITED STATES—Mobile apps have literally taken over almost every industry out there. From making huge financial transactions and booking flights to ordering food and buying goods, there is a mobile app available for everything. Sometimes it feels so unrealistic how everything fits into a device that is the size of our hands.

Mobile apps have had an impact on the food and restaurant industry as well. There are so many different mobile apps available, providing several features that can improve and enhance user experience. How exactly have mobile apps transformed the food & restaurant industry? Let’s find out:

Food Delivery

Ordering food has become easier than ever, thanks to mobile phones. We can place orders from the restaurants and eateries that we love right from our mobile phones without even having to go to the restaurant. Mobile apps have got everything inside them including the food menus from different restaurants. 

Without even having to leave our room, we can have the food from our favorite place delivered to our doorstep and we can enjoy the meal at our homes in peace. These food delivery apps provide users with a list of restaurants along with their menus to choose from. Users can then select the food and have it delivered to their doorstep.

Table Reservations

Mobile apps have also made table reservations at various restaurants so much easier. In case you had to go out for dinner with someone and forgot to reserve a table because of a busy routine, worry not! You can go to your favorite food ordering app and reserve a table for yourself right away. These mobile apps have got your back and table reservation is just a few taps away.

You just need to open the app, look for available restaurants, and within a few seconds, you will have a table reserved at a restaurant of your choice. This feature to reserve a table for yourself instantly without having to call or go anywhere has helped not only consumers but only the restaurant who are able to lure in more customers through these apps.

Online Reviews

For people that are confused over the taste of a restaurant and are unable to decide whether they should order food from a certain place or not, these mobile apps have got them covered. Along with placing orders and delivering food, these mobile apps also allow users to share their experiences regarding a restaurant. Users who have already ordered food from a restaurant can write their reviews regarding the taste of food, the quality of the food, the packaging, etc.

These reviews and feedback help other users to decide whether they should order from a particular restaurant or not. These online user reviews can make or break the reputation of a restaurant, due to which popular fast-food restaurant chains like McDonald’s have launched feedback programs like McDVoice to gather feedback from customers and improve their services to avoid negative online reviews. Other big names like Burger King, Taco Bell, etc also have similar feedback programs such as the TellTheBell, MYBKExpereince, etc 

Discounts & Promotions

Another benefit for foodies on these food ordering mobile apps is that they can get certain discounts, promotions, and cashback. When there is a new listing on the app or there is some festival going around, the app offers discounted offers. People love to order food from a particular place if they are getting a discount or cashback.

Providing discounts, promotion deals, and coupons is a great strategy to attract more customers and increase sales. There are even special websites and dedicated applications from where people can find out about discount coupons and promotions.

Track Your Food Delivery

Today’s customer base usually consists of Millennials and Gen-Z who want everything to happen before it really happens. The same is the case for food delivery, they want their food to be delivered as quickly as possible. With the help of GPS technology, it is now possible for you to track your food delivery. As soon as the rider leaves the restaurant with your food, you can track it right from your mobile screen.

This helps the customers to check the exact location of the food delivery rider and also allows restaurant owners to keep a track of their deliveries and whether they are on time or not.

Online Payments

The last way in which mobile apps have changed the food & restaurant business is by integration of online payments. Most of us keep only limited cash with us and prefer to use cashless methods of payment. It is now possible to make payments online through mobile apps. If you don’t have any cash on you, no problem. You can pay for your food from your credit/debit card or use a mobile wallet for payments. 

In this way, the money goes directly into the accounts of the restaurant and the applications. The delivery men also get their fair share of the amount, making payments much more simpler and convenient.