UNITED STATES—A business needs a good internet speed and steady internet connectivity. However, just because you need a good internet speed does not mean you end up spending money on the speed you do not even need. Therefore, it is essential to see the right internet speed for your business. Even though the internet speed that one needs depends upon a wide number of factors, the number of devices which will be connected to the Wi-Fi router plays an important role. 

Things To Consider Before Settling For An Internet Speed

First thing before you decide on the internet speed, consider the number of users who will be using the internet. If you already have an internet connection that is not serving you right, check its speed on Speed Test. This will help you to get a better idea about the internet speed that you need to aim for. Secondly, will you be using the internet to download or upload data? Having a good upload speed ensures the productivity of any business. Generally, the upload speed is lower than the download speed. Use Spectrum to check the upload and download speed. If you need to upload documents very often, you must go for a higher internet speed. 

Thirdly, consider the size of the area where the internet will be used. The greater the distance between the device and the router, the lower the internet speed. Therefore, if you operate in a bigger space, you again will have to go for a higher speed. After considering these three aspects, it gets easier to settle for the perfect internet speed. 

What Internet Speed Does Your Business Require?

If you are running a small business with not more than ten users, 100 Mbps is a good internet speed. With this internet speed, you can do simple browsing activities along with downloading and uploading documents seamlessly. However, even if you have ten users, but you need to download and upload multimedia files heavily, then 100 Mbps might not be the sufficient internet speed. 

A company that has around 20 internet users and needs to engage in heavy tasks should go for 300 Mbps. An internet speed of 300 Mbps is the perfect internet speed for engaging in multitasking and heavy tasks. If you are running a big business with more than 30 users, go for an internet speed that comes with an internet speed of 1 gig. This will support almost equal download and upload speed. Multimedia projects that require dealing with heavy multimedia files and have many internet users should go for one gig of data to work seamlessly. 

In addition to the number of internet users, the type of internet activity also decides the right internet speed for you. For instance, one does not need a super high internet speed to engage in online activities like browsing the web and sending emails. A 25 Mbps internet speed can do a decent job for such online activities. On the other hand, a higher internet speed is required for running a home office, running multimedia files and running home security. The internet speed should be around 500-1,000 Mbps for such requirements. 

For cloud-based computing and business that requires regular backups and has 20-30 internet users, 500 Mbps is a good internet speed. If your business has more than 30 users and you want to give them an online space with zero interruption, then go for 1,000 Mbps. 

Bottom Line 

Deciding the right internet speed is not as easy as it looks. Even the internet speed your ISPs show you might not be right. Consider the number of simultaneous connections that your router will have to support and precisely what you want to do on the internet plays a critical role. Only through trial and error can you settle for the right internet speed for your business. Go for the bare minimum internet speed discussed in the above section. See whether this meets the requirement or not. If yes, settle for it and if not, slowly keep trying with a better internet speed. Also, keep analyzing the network speed from time to time to ensure you receive the internet speed you are paying for.