HOLLYWOOD─I really do not know how to describe what I am witnessing right now on the ABC mystery series “How to Get Away With Murder.” I mean I thought, the final episodes of this series would be disappointing to fans, but WOW, these past 5 episodes have been fantastic! I mean the surprise that has been delivered each episode has left me reeling, none more than the past two episodes to say the least. Usually when a series bids adieu it never fully satisfies the fan, but when you look at a series like this that is centered on people getting away with murder, you know it will not always have a happy ending.

With that said, the first episode of the second half of season six teased us that Annalise Keating is dead, and not before delivering that whopper that Wes or someone who looks damn close to him was in attendance at her funeral. No I’ve been skeptical about rather Annalise Keating is alive or dead simply because we never saw her body in the casket, we just saw her picture at her memorial. We’ve seen her body in a casket, but until viewers actually see her take her last breathe, I don’t believe anything.

So Asher, a member of the Keating Five was murdered, and Michaela and Connor were arrested for the crime, but the audience knows neither of them committed the deed, which started to point fingers in the direction of Bonnie and Frank, heck I even suspected Annalise for a second. However, we soon discovered it was a member of the FBI, yes, the FBI who murdered Asher with a poker and then framed the others. We got that Intel from Gabriel, who was literally feet away from Asher taking his last breathe.

Enter another twist with Connor and Michaela taking similar plea deals to protect one another, if they turned on their former professor and ally. That madness eventually led to Annalise being extradited back to the U.S. courtesy of Michaela’s father who brought the legal pro down. She might have been down, but she was not out. With the assistance of Frank, Bonnie and Teagan, Annalise managed to get a victory in the courtroom, but her battle was far from over. How so? She found herself having to cross-examine her former students and battling the ire of Sam’s sister, who when I tell you about the latest twist it is going to leave tongues wagging people.

Michaela and Connor having been actively working two angles, protecting themselves from the FBI learning they know the truth, while trying to remain loyal to Annalise who already knows they turned their back on her. With that said, the mystery around Laurel swirled as she finally made her presence known in the penultimate episode before the finale. She’s been hiding thanks to Teagan to protect herself and her son from her father and her twisted brother Xavier.

Speaking of Xavier, Frank went hunting for him and put the guy who placed him in a precarious position where Frank wanted information about the Governor, Laurel and all the players involved in trying to take Annalise down. Frank left him bloody and bruised, but not dead. I was not surprised to learn that Nate of all people was working with the feds to take down. I never cared for the character, so if Nate were to meet his maker before the series wrapped I would not be upset. I mean he murdered the assistant DA thinking he was guilty for his father’s death (he wasn’t), then he turned around and killed Xavier against Frank’s wishes.

All that aside, we learned that Sam and his nefarious sister grew up in a troubled household, so much to the point they had an incestuous relationship. At first it was a shock, but I kept asking myself WHERE are the writers going with this surprise? It led to the biggest, jaw-dropper I’ve experienced in a long time. Annalise and Teagan discovered that the brother and sister had a child, and guess who that child is: FRANK! Yes, Frank is Sam’s son. Never, and I mean never in a million years did I see that coming. With that said, it totally explains Sam’s bond with Frank, rather he KNEW Frank was his son is still another story I’m dying to figure it out.

I suspect he did not know, but his sister, whew, that is another story, which adds to another layer to this madness. Why? I never expected Bonnie or Frank to be culpable in Annalise’s murder, but this reveal or non-reveal could be the thing that turns the tide if you ask me. Frank could want revenge, and even Bonnie who we all know is capable of murder, could make a move against the woman who saved and changed her life to protect Frank from massive heartache in the process people.

All I know for a show that is preceded on the premise of murder, I expect a few people to die, but I wanted to be stunned to learn WHO and WHY they committed the deed. Oh, this final season of “How to Get Away With Murder” has been just as satisfying as the first season people. Get prepared the final episode airs on May 14 at 10 p.m. on ABC.