UNITED STATES—Streaming TV and cable TV are like two opposite sides of a coin. Currently, their markets and providers are at war with each other. Sometimes, streaming services come on top, while at other times, cable services supersede their fierce competitors. It’s a blow-by-blow battle, with no clear end in sight. But, did you know that there’s a provider who brings the best of both to the table and lets you enjoy live TV from the cable while tuning into your favorite original movies on Netflix at the same time? Yes, it goes by the name of Cox. Though essentially a cable company, Cox understands the needs of its customers that circle around streaming, and instead of forcing them to choose or compromise, it delivers Netflix programming on its advanced spectrum right to their living rooms.

In other words, once you subscribe to Cox Cable, you can access Netflix content on the Contour 2 receiver’s interactive menu, which has been automatically integrated for your ultimate convenience. You can either press the Mic button on your Cox Voice Remote and say “Netflix,” or press Contour on your remote, scroll across the Menu to Apps, highlight Netflix and press OK to dive into the world of Netflix programming with your Cox subscription. Keep in mind that like any other streaming service, Netflix only works with the internet. So, if all of a sudden, your Netflix app on Cox shows the “Not Working” sign, then no need to panic. Simply follow the below-mentioned tips to resolve the issue, and if you need the extra help, then don’t hesitate to dial the Cox customer service number, which is open 24/7 for your assistance. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Check Your Connection

You need two things to access Netflix on your Cox receiver. The first is a subscription to any Netflix plan of your choice. If you’re into 4K content, then your TV needs to be 4K-compatible and you should ideally have a 4K streaming player to go along with it, which Cox does offer to its cable customers. The second is a subscription to any Cox residential internet plan. As you may already know, Netflix is a streaming service and requires high-speed internet to work. If you have a Cox internet service, then you’re halfway through. To resolve the Netflix “Not Working” issue, do the following steps:

  • See if your Netflix membership is in good shape. You can head to the Netflix app or its website and view your account and billing status there.
  • Inspect your Cox internet connection thoroughly. By thoroughly I mean, check for loose wires, the health of your Cox Panoramic Wi-Fi gateway, and the state of your monthly data, which in most cases is 1.25 TB, as allocated by the provider.
  • Scan the cables that make internet connectivity possible on your TV. These include Ethernet or HDMI if you have a Wireless 4K Contour Stream Player in place and a direct link to the gateway.

By verifying the internet access and troubleshooting the possible network issues, you can successfully restore your Netflix programming on Cox.

Reset Netflix on Cox

Apps can malfunction, sometimes, as is the way of technology, and suffer from unpredictable delays in functioning. If your Netflix app is facing launching issues, then you can resolve it in a matter of minutes and get it working fine again. Here are some steps that can help you do it:

  1. Press the A button on your Cox Voice Remote.
  2. Open the Troubleshooting Help
  3. Use the arrows on your remote to move across the row.
  4. Find the Restart option and select it.
  5. A confirmation window will open.
  6. Select Restart from there as well.
  7. Test the Netflix app by accessing it from your on-screen guide or via voice command.
  8. It should start working.

Restart the Cable Receiver

Besides the internet, Netflix also relies on your Cox receiver, since it is directly integrated into it. So, if your Netflix is not working, then chances are the problem may lie with your Contour 2 device. It may be overburdened or facing a technical issue. In the first case, a simple restart will do the trick of jumpstarting your Contour TV apps. To restart your receiver manually, unplug the device from the power outlet, wait for two minutes, and plug it back in. You can also reboot your receiver via a Cox Reset Tool and through the Cox app. In the second case, call in a technician and ask them to repair your receiver. You can also get a replacement by contacting Cox customer service. Once you ensure that your Contour 2 receiver is in pristine condition, then launch the Netflix app and start streaming.

Wrapping Up

Nothing’s worse than having your Netflix stream interrupted by a “Not Working” notification. If this happens, then feel free to use the aforementioned tips to troubleshoot the app on your Cox receiver, and continue streaming to your heart’s content.