SAN FRANCISCO—Dr. Ben Carson arrived in San Francisco on Tuesday, September 24 to discuss the homeless issue plaguing the region. The Housing and Urban Develop Secretary was met by protesters perturbed after federal funds were slashed for public housing.

Carson met at San Francisco’s Portero Hill with Hope SF. He toured Hope SF & compared how it can be implemented on a federal level. He noted that Hope SF utilization of HUD’s RAD program helped with “impressive homes we visited,” said Carson.

Carson tweeted on September 18, “@WhiteHouseCEA report found almost half of ALL people sleeping on the streets in the U.S. are in CA, and homelessness would fall by 54% in #SanFrancisco if actions are taken to deregulate housing markets.”

Protestors argued Carson is not qualified for the job because his professional background lies in medicine not housing.

San Francisco Mayor London Breed, also invited Dr. Carson to speak about housing and programs, but no such conversation transpired.

“In high-cost markets like #SanFrancisco, public-private partnership programs like RAD are crucial to building more safe, quality, affordable housing,” tweeted Dr. Ben Carson.

Mayor London Breed tweeted on September 18, “If the President wants to talk about homelessness, we are committed to working on actual solutions, like adding 1,000 new shelter beds by next year and working to pass a $600 million affordable housing bond to create more badly needed housing.”

Written By Erick Soto and Casey Jacobs