HOLLYWOOD—Randal is definitely making plenty of enemies on Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You Is Wrong,” but this week he made even more. This week’s episode, ‘A Mother’s Love’ saw Randal showcase his true colors to everyone closet to him and those not so close to him.

Brad and Randal nearly got into a scuffle after news exploded that Marcie is sharing a home with his former pal. Miss Louise did her best to diffuse the situation, while Randal relished in the chaos he created. Brad decided to inform Alex about Randal’s summons. Alex was petrified to have to face her husband yet again, just as the kids sat in the backroom. After a bit of back-and-forth, Brad’s incessant knocking caused the kids to panic a bit.

Once again, Ramsey came to the rescue of Kelly to halt Brad from creating another scene, but the kids were quite persistent in seeing their father and plenty of questions were posed. When he discovered that his kids knew about his mother’s affair, it shocked him a bit and this is so sad to watch thigns unfold for the kid’s sake.

Randal arrived in front of Kelly’s home and created a scene, where Ramsey was forced to intervene. Randal took jabs at Kelly’s finances and her love life, which caused her to lose her cool. Randal continued to scream for Alex and she unleashed a fury onto her former fling. She slapped him more times than I can count, lighting a fuse to warn Randal that if he planned to come after her son she would unleash a fury he would never expect.

Back at the hospital, Julius paid his father a visit, and was not too happy to see him with a woman who didn’t resemble his mother. He met Tilda, who happens to be his father’s mistress. She is the woman he cheated on Julius mother with. Julius had his world rocked when he learned he has a sister he had no idea about. Whoa, Quan is Tilda’s mother, and Quan’s sister is Julius’ sibling. Ok, Mr. Perry you delivered a whopper of a twist, that I never saw coming. Gosh, I see a major war about to explode, and things are about to get so ugly.

Tilda had a run-in with Julius in the elevator that was not pretty to say the least; looks like this is a woman who is not afraid to stand her ground. Kelly and Ramsey continued to bond, which begs the question where does Travis fit in the middle of this mess? Ramsey made it clear of his feelings for Kelly, but he did his best to not move too fast. It was so apparent that Kelly is head-over-heels for this guy, which Alex witnessed the chemistry from a distance.

Back at the hospital, Tina (the nurse) alerted Andrew that Ben is an addict and that he needs to watch over Pete whose life could be at risk. Tina realized that Andrew was hiding something and was a bit on edge, and did her best to get him to open up, but he remained quiet.

Natalie made a phone call to Lushion, just as she retrieved that brown paper bag with video footage Pete gave her of Eddie’s involvement in Pete’s shooting. Hmm, I wonder how things will transpire when Esperanza learns about this news. Could two very close friends literally become mortal enemies? Esperanza was not happy to hear that Claudia was making the moves on Lushion.

Quan stood his ground regarding his turf in the drug world, but Quan learned the hard way that the streets don’t respect him. He did his best to showcase his fury, but his opponent made it clear that he was well aware of his involvement in Edward’s shooting. Looks like Quan might be a bad position, trying to be a thug.

Esperanza did some digging on Claudia and discovered some surprising things about her staff member. She alerted Lushion of issues with Claudia and that her references aren’t panning out. Hmm, it became apparent that Lushion was covering for Claudia; he made a phone call which seems to prove what I suspect, that Lushion is an undercover agent of some sorts.

The episode concluded with Edward and Ben watching over Pete at the hospital. It became apparent that Eddie wanted Ben to administer a drug into Pete’s IV, but little did he know that Tina was watching his every move. When she spotted the duo she immediately made a phone call, just as Pete was about to administer the syringe into the IV.

Oh, next week’s episode looks just as exciting as this week, as more chaos unfolds. Looks like we have a narrative that is about to take season two into hyper speed people! Until next Tuesday “If Loving You is Wrong” love-birds!