HOLLYWOOD—It was the penultimate episode of Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You is Wrong” before the second season finale next Tuesday and boy was it full of crazy antics. The episode titled ‘An Evil Alliance’ saw two enemies become allies in their quest to get what they wanted. Jeez, I never expected this budding ‘friendship’ to come to fruition.

The episode opened with Edward up to his old shenanigans per usual (disrespecting women). Unfortunately, he didn’t expect for his latest conquest to be working for Julius who was out for revenge. For once, the cat had Eddie’s tongue and he tried to be brave in what he expected to be his final moments on Earth. Julius toyed a bit with Eddie, which was fun to watch as he kept shooting blanks. It was all part of his masterplan to use Eddie to take out Claudia in order to get his father’s inheritance.

In return, Edward wanted Julius to locate Quan and deliver him to him personally. Ok, things are about to get quite touchy. So now, Tilda is involved in this crazy mess. I fear someone we care about is about to die before the season two finale wraps. Esperanza decided to showcase her authority by calling out Claudia on her relationship with Lushion. To be honest, it was quite annoying and it appears that Esperanza has no idea who she is going toe-to-toe with. It became apparent that Esperanza is onto Claudia, who made it very clear that threats are in the midst.

Alex was none too pleased that Randal served her another subpoena noting that he was planning to sue Brad for assault. Jesus, this guy is such a character, I hate to say this, but I’m hoping Randal gets what’s coming to him because he certainly deserves it. You reap what you sew Randal, so prepare yourself for a hurting you never expected. Kelly pranced around the house deciding rather to pay Ramsey a visit; instead she received a visit from that mystery woman she spotted in his house last week. Wow, Kelly unleashed her inner beast and frustration.

Kelly and Esperanza decided to air out their frustrations involving the mystery woman and Claudia. It seems Esperanza is thinking what the viewers are thinking; this woman is Ramsey’s assistant. Esperanza started a rumor that is not true noting that Lushion and Claudia are hooking up. Natalie is going to flip when she hears this (considering it’s not true). Esperanza wanted Kelly to come with her to Natalie’s job to spill the beans.

Back at the police station, Edward and Stephen were stunned to discover that the Captain was aware that Eddie was poking around on his computer and the federal database. Edward alerted his Captain of things involving Claudia. It became apparent that the police department is corrupted as so many expected.

Well, well, that name of that mystery woman is Grace, Lushion stopped by to see Ramsey with updates about renting the home. Yeah that woman is his cousin’s wife, go figure Kelly. Esperanza is about to create a wave of chaos by spilling this ‘rumor’ to Natalie. Lushion poked a bit, and it became apparent Ramsey was a bit stunned by Kelly’s recent behavior. Yeah, Lushion schooled the kid on a few things in the relationship world. Kelly received a visit from Alex who asked for Kelly to watch her son while she went for a check-up. Hmm, Alex, we all know that you’re about to plan to take out Randal.

Natalie was a bit nervous when Esperanza showed up to her place of work. Esperanza spilled the beans of a possible affair, which left Natalie shocked, not to mention that her pal was stunned to learn that she just got engaged. Ramsey and Grace paid Kelly a visit to clear out the air, and Ramsey’s newest torch let her feelings be crystal clear.

The tension between those two was quite intense, and Kelly felt like a fool for behaving the way that she did. So much for that relationship people! Lushion stopped by that infamous liquor store to obtain that footage of Ben’s shooting involving Edward hoping to obtain another copy of that tape. Lushion was stunned to hear that Edward was also looking for that infamous footage. Ok, here’s the mystery, who is this third cop looking for that footage? I’m suspecting it was Andrew.

The Captain alerted Eddie that an undercover agent is working in the precinct looking into all rookies’s killed at the department. Edward planned to take out Claudia (who while not confirmed as the agent, she definitely knows who it is), but little does he know she isn’t the only perp in the department. Lushion was heated in his conversation with Andrew; it became apparent that both of them are doing their best to cover their tracks. Andrew divulged that Ben and Eddie tried to murder Pete. He also revealed that the Captain and Stephen are dirty cops.

The final moments of the episode ended with Lushion making an important call, just as Alex arrived at her parent’s home to ask her father, Rusty to take care of her neighbor (umm, she wanted him to murder Randal). Gosh, I can’t wait tll next week’s 90-minute season finale cause chaos is about to erupt and it’s going to be GOOD! Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “If Loving You is Wrong” lovebirds!