HOLLYWOOD—Last week’s episode of Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You Is Wrong” ended on an epic cliffhanger, as Randal came face-to-face with his wife Marcie and his neighbor Brad having a bit of fun in the shed. Yep, that same shed that Randal and Alex continued their secret affair.

The latest episode “Being a Woman” saw Marcie gloat to her hubby about her newfound endeavor, and Randal was a complete wreck, crying and attempting to fight Brad, just as his mother consoled him. It’s hard to believe that Miss Louise had no idea that Randal struck first by cheating on his wife.

Kelly was bewildered to see Brad and Marcie behave in such a manner; it was funny to watch, but even funnier to see Kelly attempt to act holy. Miss Louise and Marcie had a slap fest that was epic to say the least. An emotional Marcie broke the horrid truth to Miss Louise about her son’s transgressions. Natalie found herself awoke from her sleep when she realized that Joey was not at home and covered for her son with her boss.

Alex was a nervous wreck in the hospital, as she worried about what was going on at home. When she got a text from her husband of the shed, she became concerned beyond relief. Back at the restaurant, Natalie stumbled upon Joey and Faun having sex. She was livid with her son. Lushion was well aware that something was off with Natalie’s behavior. When he learned that Alex’ child is Randal’s he was taken for a loop, but more thrown when he had an awkward talk with Joey about the importance of safe sex.

Brad is beginning to breed evil, as he set plans in motion with Eddie to get Alex’s parents to return to town to see their new grandchild. Not to mention the fact that he has no idea that his daughter is having an affair with an African-American male. Eddie is definitely a bad influence on his buddy and I fear death might happen to one of our characters in the coming weeks. Kelly’s love life was getting quite complicated as Travis started to become jealous.

Hmm, I have a feeling that this relationship could turn violent really soon, especially after Travis met Kelly’s new suitor, Ramsey. It was evident after last week’s episode that Kelly and Ramsey would soon become an item and the sparks are definitely igniting. Eddie dropped back down at the police station begging to get back to work.

Pete appeared to be up to now good, just as Esperanza, Steven and Ben were aware the rookie might be getting his hands into a cookie jar he will be unable to get out of. I mean the audience was well aware that Pete did indeed have his hands on the video of Eddie shooting Ben.

Ben set-up a meeting with Pete that I’m certain will not end well because Eddie is in on the scheme. All I can say is if something happens to Pete, it will be all out war between Eddie and Lushion. Miss Louise provided compassion to Marcie alerting her that Randal’s father cheated on her. Whoa, these two women have more alike than they know. Marcie was an emotional wreck hearing the words of wisdom from a wise woman.

Brad decided to get rid of every moment of happiness involving his marriage by torching photos. Kelly was an ear to lean on for Brad who expressed his feelings about dealing with betrayal from his wife. Next week’s episode proves to ramp up the drama even more as Brad and Eddie torture Alex, and Lushion and Pete close in on the truth about Ben’s shooting. Until next Tuesday “If Loving You Is Wrong” love birds!