HOLLYWOOD—I will admit, I wasn’t always a fan of Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You Is Wrong.” I thought it was a series that had great potential to be dramatic, but moved a bit slow. However, the series has proven me wrong. The second half of season two returned on Tuesday night to pick up where that cliffhanger left off with Alex being ambushed by her hubby Brad and her parents, including her racist totting hillbilly father.

‘Mortal and Fifth’ picked up precisely where it left off with Brad ambushing his wife and her parents. Alex was not amused and neither was his mother-in-law. Brad is pissed, but to bring a racist into the home and do his best to bait him is beyond low. Alex was forced to confess to her mother that she had an affair with Randal. Alex’ mom wanted answers, and Brad continued to add fuel to the fire.

Her mother showed her racist tendencies. Alex refused to tell a lie to cover for her affair, and she dropped a bombshell that Brad wasn’t even aware of: her father raped her multiple times! Go Alex, she stood up for her child and Brad had a conscious for once in his life. Her mother shared all the sordid tales about her husband’s hatred for African-Americans. It looks like all hell is about to be unleashed on this small town. Yeah, Brad, you made an epic mistake.

Alex made a dash for escape, but saw her father waiting near the car having a smoke. Finally, an update on the Pete situation, as he radioed for help, just as his partner silently waited in the winds. Pete made a call on his cell for emergency assistance. Eddie sat patiently at his desk, before making a call, which prompted absolute chaos at the station. Eddie wanted to assure that Pete never blabbed which is about to put his pal in a sticky situation.

Pete confessed as he grasped for life about knowing all of Eddie’s dirty dealings, as he begged for his life to be rescued and someone finally caught a conscience. Back at Natalie’s apartment, Lushion and his lover had a conversation about him being involved in Edward’s criminal games. For once, Natalie and Lushion were forced to address the issues in their relationship. His inability to confess the truth to Natalie forced her to pump the brakes on their relationship.

Esperanza alerted Claudia that the situation involving their co-worker is dire, but she has to remain calm under pressure, just as she went to war yet again with Eddie. Marcie was not pleased to stare at the sign Randal placed in the front of the yard, just as Miss Louise learned that Brad and Marcie are moving into an apartment together.

Looked like Kelly’s storyline was drying up, but her relationship with Ramsey is indeed heating up. Kelly updated Natalie with news of a house that could be available for her, but her financial situation has changed as of recent. It caused Kelly to worry as she made plans to drop by her pal’s house. Brad alerted Marcie of the latest developments involving Alex and her father. Marcie seemed a bit thrown by the news. Brad went searching for his wife, but was unable to locate her.

Rusty was not ready to leave, and wanted to see his new grandchild before heading back home. Yeah, good luck on turning this ambush into a happy ending. Brad knocked on Randal’s door looking for Alex, which prompted Miss Louise to go into defense mode. He even ripped that demeaning sign that Randal placed in the front of their yard. Brad made it clear to his mother-in-law that Rusty will never see his grandchildren or his daughter ever again. Randal arrived home with a ton of baby clothes and another sign to gloat about his bundle of joy. Little does Randal know that Rusty is next door and will be livid when he gets a glimpse of things.

Per usual Miss Louise gave another tongue lashing to her son for his dirty deeds. This episode got things moving in a slow direction, but I suspect this is only because there are plenty more surprises in store for fans as the season move forwards. While one Tyler Perry show goes on hiatus, another has returned to ensure ‘Temptation Tuesday’ continues to leave fans in a frenzy. Until next Tuesday “If Loving You is Wrong” lovers!