HOLLYWOOD—I have to say I’m really entertained by the original Bravo series “Imposters.” It was a show that I was completely stunned by. There seems to be a level of nuance to this fictional series about a group of Bumblers (yes that is indeed the name of the trio, not something I made up), who find themselves the victims of a con and soon become con artists themselves.

I should begin the discussion talking about the woman at the center of the chaos in Maddie aka Ava aka Alice aka CeCe aka Saffron (Inbar Lavi), but I’m not. There is a reason for this. At its core I think the victims of the Maddie, Ezra (Rob Heaps), Richard (Parker Young) and Julia (Marianne Rendon) are far more intriguing. Why? We actually see the remnants of the con; just how their happy life was not only turned upside down, but their psyche at the same time.

If you haven’t already jumped into the series don’t fret, you can easily get caught up to date on the series that recently kicked off its second season. I felt season one really put the focus solely on Ezra and how he was destroyed by Ava who not only left him without a dime, but broke his heart in the process. Not willing to just let bygones be bygones, he went on a search to locate Ava, but runs into Richard who is also searching for our con artist. Those two dolts team up to locate our elusive one, but instead stumble upon another victim in Jules, who just happens to be a woman.

Yeah, that was a very welcome twist in the first season as it made it clear that when Maddie pinpoints a target there are now restrictions to who can and cannot be conned. As the first season progresses, we see the bonds between Richard, Jules and Ezra strengthen as they get closer and closer to busting Maddie. Well, that’s until they discover that Maddie’s latest mark Patrick (Stephen Bishop) actually works for the FBI and are looking to nab Maddie’s boss, the elusive ‘Doctor’ who utilizes Lenny Cohen, a villainous Uma Thurman to keep people in check. While some might think there is a bevy of characters at play that is not the case. At its core, “Imposters” is heavily focused on Ezra, Richard and Jules, and Maddie becomes a more focal point in season two, which just kicked off this month.

Speaking of season two, the major transition is watching Maddie do her best to reform her life. She has moved to a small town, she is working and managed to put enough money away to leave her past behind. Unfortunately, Lenny’s ex-husband, Shelly (Paul Adelstein) is looking to lure her back into the con business. We’re seeing Maddie grapple with the consequences of her actions, all while doing her best trying to live a reformed live. On the other end of the spectrum, Richard, Jules and Ezra are looking to sell that expensive ring they stole in hopes of earning enough income to start their lives over.

However, it’s never as simple as it looks because our protagonists have become more like Maddie and Maddie has assumed the roles they once held. It’s a weird dichotomy, but very fun one to watch. Out of the three Bumblers, I’m certainly surprised to discover Ezra being the most ruthless when it comes to conning people. It’s almost as if he was always a con artist, but it took him being conned to really embrace his true self. He gets an adrenaline rush behaving badly, which has both Richard and Jules concerned about him. The goal was to get back the money they lost, but in Ezra’s case this seems like something that may become a career for him.

Watching the dynamics play out for this second season, I always expected Maddie and Ezra to reconnect, but now I’m not so certain on that assumption. I think the hook-up people should watch out for is between Richie and Jules; they have this weird sexual frustration that feels unresolved. I thought Jules and Ezra might be an item, but it seems she sees him like her little brother so that is not likely. Oh, did I forget to mention that Patrick is still looking to redeem himself with the FBI to locate Maddie, the rest of the gang and that expensive ring that he allowed to escape his clutches.

“Imposters” finds a way to keep the viewer on edge, but in a good way, you never quite know where things are headed and as a viewer that is something I love to see in my TV shows. If you’re looking for a smart, hilarious and thrilling show with unique characters look no further. “Imposters” airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on Bravo.

Written By Kelsey Thomas