HOLLYWOOD—It was Father’s Day this weekend, and the multiplex was a popular place to be. The highly anticipated sequel, “Incredibles 2,” nearly 14 years in the making took audiences by storm. I touted last week there was a lack of animated flicks at the multiplex in the past month (which it really was), but this flick totally made up for it.

“Incredibles 2” dominated the box-office with an impressive $180 million haul during its opening weekend. That far exceeds the debut of its predecessor in 2004 which earned $70 million. Expect next week to be interesting at the box-office as I was certain a group of dinosaurs would reign supreme, but with numbers like this “Incredibles 2” might hold its grip on the box-office for a well.

Nabbing second place was last weekend’s champion, “Ocean’s 8” with $19.6 million. Not bad, the flick only dropped 50 percent and has since amounted close to $80 million in just 10 days in theaters. Debuting in third place is the raunchy comedy “Tag;” yes that title is correct with just under $15 million. The movie starring Jeremy Renner, Ed Helms and Jon Hamm is far funnier than audiences will expect so it is not to be missed.

Landing in fourth place was “Solo: A Star Wars Story” with just over $9 million, as “Deadpool 2” rounded out the top five with $8.8 million. The remake “Superfly” was not able to crack the top 5, debuting in seventh place with a meek $8.4 million.

Prepare for a battle this weekend as “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” is unleashed on audiences. The flick has already been released overseas and is doing major business. It has already earned over $370 million in the foreign markets. So expect its debut to be over $120 million, will it exceed its predecessor? Time will indeed tell.