SAN FRANCISCO— Investigation of San Francisco Sheriff opens up after a video circulates the internet raising concerns over social media. The video shows the San Francisco deputy approaching and pushing down a Black Lives Matter protester from behind on May 31 as other deputies approached the man on the ground. The video ends with the protester putting his hands over his head as he proceeds to stand up.

The Sheriff’s Office was informed of the incident and addressed the situation via Twitter.

“The Sheriff’s office is aware of a video depicting the actions of our staff during crowd management activities in recent protest demonstrations. The Sheriff’s office is currently conducting a follow-up investigation and has been contacted.”

Chesa Boudin, District Attorney of San Francisco, asks that if anyone has any relevant information to further identify any suspects, witnesses, and victims in the video to email di**************@sf***.org. Based on the reviewed actions of the officer, no violation of their policies was broken but the criminal investigation will continue to take place.