UNITED STATES—For months, we’ve heard about how important the Iowa Caucuses are for political candidates. For the Republican field it could diminish the number of candidates, which has dwindled down slightly, but there are still quite a few candidates in contention.

When you look at the Democratic field it was more of a battle between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. When Monday night finally came to an end, there were some clear victors and there were plenty of surprises along the way as well. For starters, Ted Cruz rose to the top winning the prize, therefore gathering delegates for that state.

Yep, Donald Trump and his wave of domination has been halted. I would say the news did indeed surprise me, because I thought Trump was a shoe-in for the Iowa Caucuses. This just goes to show that you can never be too confident, I do suspect Trump’s decision to skip that last Republican debate did not bode well with voters. Perhaps the biggest surprise was that Trump and Senator Marco Rubio were neck-and-neck for second place. I was almost fixated on the Ted Cruz and Donald Trump battle, but the Republican nomination could indeed be a three-person race between Cruz, Trump and Rubio. I guess a better inclination will occur after Super Tuesday. There were some casualties after Iowa voters took to the polls, as Mike Huckabee threw in the towel. Iowa is also a sign that the steam that Ben Carson had is slowly fading away. I’m sorry, the guy is not the greatest orator and it makes it difficult to trust what comes out of his mouth at times. If you don’t speak with conviction how can you expect someone to trust what you’re saying?

For the Democrats, Hillary Clinton was the top contender in Iowa a few months ago, but Bernie Sanders is proving to be a formidable foe for the former Secretary of State. I mean the race between the two was neck-and-neck and Clinton won by a very slim margin, so much to the point that the announcement of her win did not take place until later in the day on Tuesday.

This does give Clinton some much needed momentum as New Hampshire and other states come into contention for Super Tuesday. If she finds herself losing a multitude of states, Clinton will indeed have to change her approach so that it doesn’t become an onslaught for her and domination for Sanders.

Might be important to point out that candidate Martin O’Malley bowed out for his bid for The White House after the Iowa Caucuses. If O’Malley had made his name slightly more known he would have been a contender, but in my opinion not ENOUGH people knew his name to take him serious. I mean you’re going against Hillary Clinton that is a name people know all too well, for nearly 25 plus years if not longer.

I think Iowa is important because it gives a glimpse to those who like to stay up-to-date on politics where things are moving and heading for what is certain to be one of the most competitive Presidential elections in history.