UNITED STATES─It may have only been 2 weeks, but it is starting to feel like an eternity for most Americans with current orders nationwide for us to stay inside. It is starting to feel a bit like the new normal and let me be honest it is not a ton of fun. What normally feels like 24 hours in a day feels like 72 hours! People are not only going stir crazy, they are being annoyed to the core by people who are home instead of working.

I mean some people just don’t understand that just because a person is working from home doesn’t mean they want to listen to you chatter for hours. Look, I’m working leave me the HELL alone! Go read a book, do something, do anything, just get the hell out of my personal space for the time being.

Can you recall the day that you drive on the road and there is literally no traffic? I have seen this more times than I can count. I mean strip malls, shopping centers and malls completely empty America. That is what has become the new normal for our country. It feels like a ghost town, and as a fan of “The Walking Dead,” I get the feeling we’re living in that world minus the actual notion that we have zombies feasting on the brains of people.

For so many people the notion of not being able to do anything has become the new normal. Families are forced to eat dinner together, kids have to have conversations with their parents, parents have to deal with their kids, the list goes on and on. I mean we’ve reached a point where it seems like a strong likelihood that schools will NOT be back in session for more students, grade school, middle school, high school and even college at this point. Think about those brains; they’re glued to their phones, tablets, computers or the TV screen.

As parents, something has to be done to keep the children’s mental state focused on some sort of learning. I mean we thought being out of school for the summer which is around 2 months was bad for kids, imagine the thought of kids not heading back to school until September. That’s close to 6 months people; that is not good at all. On top of that, dogs are getting more walks than people have probably ever given their pets in their lifetime.

We’ve gotten better at occupying our time/ I mean I don’t even care about watching TV anymore even though there are plenty of things to watch. I am a believer that there is indeed such a thing as TOO MUCH TV! Meals are being cooked at home, I mean I think I’ve had fast-food or take out maybe twice in the past month. Where on average, I might have take-out of fast-food 2-3 times a week and while some might say that’s a good thing, but you never know how much you miss something until you no longer have access to it.

I will tell you one thing I’m saving a lot of money because my abilities to travel have been severely limited. I can only go to work and that’s it. Maybe the grocery store once a week if I’m lucky, but with this virus spreading like a plague, that has significantly cut down. I’d rather not take the risk. It has gotten so bad America that I cut my own hair. I mean I’m someone who gets a haircut once a week (and yes I’m dead serious about this), so the thought of going three weeks to nearly a month without a clean shave or a trim was literally driving me bonkers, and not in the best of ways.

I’m worried about myself, I know the rest of the country is spinning not being able to cut their hair, go to the salon, or just do those things that we’ve come so accustomed to doing that we can no longer do at all people. I mean the first thing I want to do when the country reopens is get out the house and scream to the Gods. It will be liberating to say the least people. However, you worry about the coronavirus spreading even more if a massive audience of people come out without any hesitation whatsoever.

One thing for certain is that we’re adapting as Americans, and I fear if this pandemic has changed us for the better or for the worse. I mean, I don’t think I’ll ever shake a hand or hug a complete stranger ever again. This notion of social distancing has reached new heights people.