“It: Chapter 2” Teaser Trailer Is Spine-Tingling


HOLLYWOOD—Anyone who knows me knows that I am a horror buff. I love a good scare, but the notion of terror in the horror genre has been dismal at best. Some filmmakers get it, but the problem is not many know how to actually deliver it to the audience. When the 2017 remake of the Stephen King classic “It” hit theaters it blew audiences away; so much to the point that it had the highest R-rated opening weekend ever, not to mention the largest opening for a horror movie ever. It didn’t hurt that it was a critical fav amongst critics and audiences.

Well, the second installment is coming on September 6; mark your calendars people because this one is going to be good. Warner Bros. released the highly anticipated trailer for the sequel on May 9 and oh, it gave me the chills. This is how you deliver a teaser trailer Hollywood. Give the audience just a taste to make them want more. To be honest, I prefer NOT to see another trailer because that’s where narrative points start to be exposed.

The trailer opens with Beverly Marsh, now an adult played by the phenomenal Jessica Chastain visiting her old home in Derry, Maine. She meets an old lady at the door who at first seems innocent, but as the conversation continues there is something off about the woman. She gives creepy looks, she stares, and she completely disrobes before launching in an assault on Beverly.

The trailer immediately moves into a cut of shots as we see members of the Losers club, now as adults walking back thru the town of Derry realizing that Pennywise aka ‘It’ (Bill Skarsgard) is back and seeking revenge against Beverly, Bill (James McAvoy), Richie (Bill Hader), Ben (Jay Ryan), Chosen (Isaiah Mustafa), Eddie (James Ransome) and Stan (Andy Bean).

Those quick shots include Richie witnessing Pennywise fly over a festival with a ton of red balloons, Bill recalling where Georgie was killed, Chosen on the receiving end of an attack by the evil clown, Bill and Beverly reminiscing, the gang venturing into that secret lair of Pennywise, a bloody tub scene perhaps before culminating with Pennywise making his presence known to a little girl at a carnival.

In four months, the world might finally get a sequel that proves to be better than the original and for once we’re getting a horror film that is situated around actual adult. Like I’ve wanted this for years and it is happening. Check out the trailer above.